Item #: SCP-3411

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3411 is to be kept in a mock two-story building at [site/location] setup to be fully functional. Power is only to be fed to SCP-3411 during testing purposes. Cameras are to be set up around SCP-3411 and guards must be posted at the single exit of the building at all times.

The second story of the building it to be furnished with basic human containment accommodations, and the first floor is to be kept stocked in non-perishable foods that are to be rotated out every six months.

Description: SCP-3411 is a 'Schindler 330A' model elevator. It was found in 08/25/20██ installed in an emergency clinic in ███████████, GA. When using the external keypad for the elevator the elevator would go up to any of the six floors existing in the building. However, when the Independent Service panel is exposed there is a '7th floor' button that was not in the original designs. When pressed the elevator will raise up at normal to the top floor of whatever elevator shaft it is installed in, however when it reaches the top floor it will continue seeming to pass through the ceiling and disappearing.

When the door opens the user will see a fully furnished room. This room will be of similar make in both design an construction material of whatever building the elevator is installed in. Similarly, the user can see from the windows as if he were in the perspective of being in a building a story higher than the original.

While the materials and furniture will always be of a similar style to whatever building the elevator is installed in, it will always be setup at a makeshift office and show signs of someone living there including a sleeping cot and food items.

Addendum SCP-3411-1

Shortly after initial containment of SCP-3411 it was moved to [site/location] and installed into a mock two story building to test if it would remain functional. The first two floor were left completely empty, and subsequently the floors 'three through seven' were also empty floor of similar make.

During the second day of testing research equipment and basic furniture for the research staff were brought to the first floor. In the next visit the room was sparsely furnished as expected, and a note was found on a table written by what is now referred to as SCP-3411-1.

All attempts to communicate with SCP-3411-1 were unsuccessful for the remainder of the day. Several days later however, another note was found.

When Dr. ███████ was shown the note he reveled that he had written this theory in a journal that he had left in the building overnight. With this discovery that SCP-3411-1 was somehow able to acquire items found in the first two stories an interview was able to be established.

Interviewed: SCP-3411-1

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

Foreword: Due to the fact that it appears to take SCP-3411-1 at least an hour to receive and respond to letters, this interview was conducted over the course of several days.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███████: Hello. You have been designated SCP-3411-1. Am I to understand you are a human trapped in the upper rooms on this building? Can you tell me how long you have been here?

SCP-3411-1 That is correct. Are you here to help me? Can I be helped?
Dr. ███████: We will do everything we can for you, we are currently trying to better understand your situation. Can you tell me how long you have been here?
SCP-3411-1: It has been forever. No. I mean. I don't mean a subjective forever, I mean I can always remember being here. I know most people forget things. I don't. I have always been here. It's just, here wasn't until recently. About two years ago1 the room became. I saw the patient files and I suddenly was. I saw books, magazines, and newspapers and I knew. I hadn't known before.
<Dialog Ongoing>