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Item #: SCP-XXXX Sometimes I wish we'd never found the end.

Object Class: Euclid Keter Euclid Some things are better left unsaid.

Special Containment Procedures: (see Notice-XXXX-A)

Revised procedures: The entrance to SCP has been sealed. Access to SCP is strictly prohibited. Surveillance personnel are to report any occurrence of sound coming from SCP to a containment specialist immediately upon noticing.The truth is a pale ghost in the chateau.

Description: SCP is a large cave located in a remote mountain range in █████████. SCP emits a loud1, highly sonorous sound from its portal. SCP is comprised mostly of dense granite, as typical with the surrounding geography. A stream of reddish-brown liquid flows from the entrance of SCP.2 Upon further examination, the liquid can be confirmed as being of biological origin. The entrance to SCP is extremely dark (<.0001 lx), with light sources of less than 1500 lx being insufficient to illuminate the interior sufficiently to allow for navigation.As if the prisoner sees his executioner without his hood.
The interior of SCP is decorated extensively with murals and markings in an unknown script, language, or origin3. SCP has been charted to be at least 1km, and 2km deep. SCP primarily consists of one large tunnel portion, with three navigable side tunnels. All side tunnels that are accessible terminate in dead ends, however the main tunnel's end has not yet been located.4 The aforementioned red liquid flows outward from SCP, even flowing upwards in sections of sloped incline. Exploratory operations have infrequently reported hearing uncharacteristic rumbling emanating from within SCP, sometimes described as resembling laughing. The truth is like a baby to a womb.

SCP-1 is a tribe of native peoples located in close proximity to SCP. SCP-1 are highly resistant to physical trauma, and are able to survive without substantial quantities of food for long periods of time. SCP-1 live a lifestyle centered around worship of SCP and a related supreme deity, as detailed in Addendum-1. Once it is pushed out, one can never return to the way prior.

Addendum-1: Information regarding SCP-1. How I wish I could return to the womb.
A group of indigenous people have been discovered to participate in ritual worship of SCP, which is referred to as "Wegkakik Tukku Auekik" in the tribe's language, translating to "Our Omniscient Judge". The Artelixi follow an organized pantheon, with the chief deity being Tukku-kukik, who resides within the cave. An excerpt from a creation myth is quoted below: The judge weighs the sins only because he sinned first.

Tukku-kukik, sovereign of us all, he dictated everything that was, is, and will be. All of eternity was written down by Tukku-kukik in one single instant, made possible by his great power. In his authorship of the universe, he willed us as his chosen people, as his servants. He willed us with knowledge and faith, so as not to question the unknowable will of him, Tukku-kukik, as what seems wrong is right, and right is right but also wrong. We were given the wisdom not to defy Tukku-kukik, but to understand the plan of his highness is incomprehensible to us, the earth, and all its bounties. The hills speak of Tukku-kukik's just cause, the forests speak of His just cause, the animals, the birds, fish, and deer all speak of his just cause, what place do we, as humble servants, have to question the exalted will of our sovereign?

Truth tantalizes us, as we wander further.
Following the discovery of certain anomalous properties within the tribe, they have been designated SCP-1. SCP-1 partake in a ritual ceremony involving adolescent male instances, which serves as a coming-of-age ceremony. The individuals are sent into SCP, and are told to spend one week without leaving the cave. With the exception of a fermented drink made from the liquid flowing from SCP, the participants are given no supplies. Within this time, the individuals are reportedly "judged" by Tukku-kukik, and the individuals who are still alive at the end of the week are accepted into the tribe, while the deceased are thrown deeper into the cave. The inscriptions within the cave consist of messages to Tukku-kukik, written by participants in the ritual begging for the favor of the supreme deity; these are written in the partially deciphered liturgical script of the tribe.5 Never do we truly see its face.

Addendum-2: Bulletin-8976D:Yet as we cross the bridge of Ormen

I would like to extend both congratulations and condolences to the remaining members of the team responsible for carrying out Exploration-F. You did it! While I understand there is an inherent abrasiveness to my comments, it is fully necessary, as this mission was crucial, as we now know. For those of you who haven't heard the news, SCP has finally been fully charted. Unfortunately, we have now come to fully realize SCP in its entirety: how can we effectively contain it? Due to the extremely useful data obtained during Exploration-F, we can now, for the first time in our handling of SCP, that we can create procedures adequate enough to fully encompass the potential shortcomings in containment of this anomaly. Of course, this new discovery is a double-edged sword, as it has left also a distinct impact on those who were associated with SCP prior to our attaining of a more complete understanding of it. The specifics regarding previous and future missions regarding SCP, will be rescinded from general clearance. I truly believe that minimizing the "unappetizing" nature of SCP is essential to continued containment. With all of this said, I hope we, the Foundation, as a whole, can continue to contain what must be contained. Here's to protecting the future!

With great salutations,

The vulgar emissary of it stares at us
Addendum-3: As detailed in Bulletin-8976D, containment procedures and information available regarding SCP will be significantly revised. Access to Exploration Logs A-F, and Testing Logs 1-15 will be rescinded from general access, and restricted to only those of Level-3 clearance or higher. A transportation system has been constructed within SCP to better facilitate current containment procedure, as well as onsite living accommodations for D-Class personnel. Auxiliary information will remain available to general access.

Addendum-4: Notice-XXXX-A: Only when our good will is raped by truth, a laugh:

Recent escalations involving SCP have made it increasingly difficult to maintain continued and consistent containment. SCP-1 began displaying extreme hostility towards Foundation operatives, apparently due to resentment towards the exploration of SCP, viewed by SCP-1 as an act of vandalism to sacred ground by them. This led to numerous attacks directed towards the onsite facilities, leading to large numbers of fatalities. We had utilized a number of temporary solutions, but a necessity for a permanent solution was soon realized. A combination of SCP's increasingly large area of influence and the hostility of SCP-1 has led to the decision to seal the entrance to SCP, and abandon the site, excepting surveillance equipment, effective immediately.


"Is this not what you so desired?"