Moenennbys' mind-bin
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained within a reinforced cryogenic storage locker. SCP-XXXX's containment unit must be inspected for any signs of degradation on a bi-weekly basis.

Personnel found exhibiting signs of SCP-XXXX's effects are required to take a 2-3 day leave from SCP-XXXX's containment and related duties. All entrances to SCP-XXXX's containment unit must be fitted with an airlock to minimize accidental exposure to SCP-XXXX. Access to SCP-XXXX's containment unit is limited to medical personnel, and any other personnel found attempting to access SCP-XXXX will be disciplined accordingly.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the corpse of a human male, aged approximately 47 years old. SCP-XXXX exerts a memetic effect on individuals viewing it, causing the viewer to believe that SCP-XXXX is either a dog, a child, or both. Individuals affected by SCP-XXXX will insist that SCP-XXXX is trying to "find" someone or something. Prolonged exposure to SCP-XXXX's effects have been known to cause occasional periods of mild auditory hallucination, usually in the form of muffled canine barks or incoherent crying.

SCP-XXXX shows no biological abnormalities from a typical human corpse, and decomposes at rates normal to environments it is placed in. The effects of SCP-XXXX have been known to cause some individuals to attempt to aid in determining who SCP-XXXX is "looking for".

SCP-XXXX's effect does not spread through visual media, including photos, videos, and artistic depictions. In addition, viewing SCP-XXXX from an adjacent room by use of windows does not appear to trigger SCP-XXXX's effect, except when a door is opened. From this it has been discerned that a viewer must be in the same room as SCP-XXXX to be affected by its memetic properties.

SCP-XXXX was identified as the corpse of █████████ ██████, found dead in his apartment in 2007.
Following this, an investigation into the cause of death was intercepted by Foundation field agents. The cause of death was determined to be cerebral hemorrhaging, however the cause of this remains unidentified. It is noted that █████████ ██████ had a long history of mental illness, including depression and schizoid symptoms, prior to his death and subsequent classification as SCP-XXXX.

Upon recovery of SCP-XXXX, the personal diary of █████████ ██████ was found.