Item #:SCP-XXX
Object Class:Euclid Safe Neutralized Explained
Special Containment Procedures: When not being used for tests SCP-XXX is to be stored in its case in a safe item storage locker at site-19. Due to the effects of SCP-XXX, Foundation personnel above D-Class are prohibited from directly viewing SCP-XXX.
Description: SCP-XXX is a standard region 1 DVD containing an 88 minute experimental film titled "██ ████████ ██ ████████ ". The content of SCP-XXX is considered by most people who view it to be incredibly disturbing with images of intense violence, occult rituals, supernatural creatures, and jarring audio/visual distortions. The effects of SCP-XXX manifest only when viewed directly by a subject and will not manifest when the contents of the film are viewed secondarily as through a window or projection booth. Between 5 to 15 minutes after beginning to view SCP-XXX directly tsubjects will enter a state of complete immersion believing that they are participating in the actions depicted in the film or having the actions of the film performed on them. People who are effected by SCP-XXX typically have long term psychological trauma after viewing the film and two D-Class have died while watching SCP-XXX.
Discovery Log: SCP-XXX was discovered after being mailed to Dr. Greer at Site 19 who noticed the anomalous effects after viewing SCP-XXX for approximately 15 minutes. The Foundation is currently trying to locate the person or persons responsible for sending it.

Addenudum-01:I see no reason for this to be classified "Euclid". All research indicates that it can be easily contained in a safe level storage locker. You know better than this. Please do not request for an updated object class without presenting corroborating evidence that indicates that the object represents a risk of containment breach.- Site Director ██████

Addendum-02:Dr. Greer and all current research assistants have been removed from SCP-XXX pending Ethics Committee investigation.- 05-█

Addendum-03:6 months of testing has not revealed any anomalous properties. I have even watched the film myself with no ill effect. I believe that continued testing is a waste of time and resources and propose that this be re-classified as neutralized.- Dr. Glass

Addendum-04:Due to the results of the Ethics Committee investigation this has been reclassified as explained. Please view the investigationsummary below for further information.- 05-█

Note to self: Replace Greer with Snyder