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Artist's depiction of SCP-3135 from the year 17██

Item #: SCP-3135

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3135 is contained at Site 313 in a windowless reinforced steel holding cell, the walls of which must be lined with passages from the Book of Ezekiel of the Old Testament Bible, each one blessed by a rabbi or priest. These passages must be replaced on a bi-monthly basis to prevent degradation, both natural and from SCP-3135 itself.

SCP-3135 requires no food, water, enrichment activities, or any other amenities typically required of living creatures. Surveillance cameras must be equipped with shaded lens filters.

Description: Accounts of SCP-3135's appearance bear a striking resemblance to the angel Ophanim of the Judeo-Christian faith as described in the Book of Ezekiel. It is comprised of multiple floating, perpetually spinning wheels nested within each other. The wheels are engulfed in flame, and each wheel is covered in human eyes. The number of wheels appears to vary dramatically - anywhere from four (4) to fifty (50) wheels have been reported at any given time. SCP-3135 is capable of speech via unknown means, sounding perfectly calm regardless of circumstances. SCP-3135 has a distinctly feminine voice.

Visual contact with SCP-3135 results in an instant and intense psychological reponse in humans. Anyone who sees SCP-3135 experiences uncontrollable fear and panic, and will immediately flee until they can confirm it is no longer within visual range. So far no subject has been able to resist this fear effect. The range of this effect varies depending on each person's eyesight. In other words, the fear effect only activates when the subject can visually identify SCP-3135's features.

SCP-3135's physical appearance cannot be photographed or recorded on video. Attempts to do this resulted in the photo or video showing only a bright white light in its place. All knowledge of its appearance comes from those who were able to successfully escape from SCP-3135.

When a human has witnessed it, SCP-3135 will immediately begin pursuing them. During this pursuit, SCP-3135 does not attempt to harm or immobilize the target. Rather, it will talk to the target in their native language. It will plead with the target to stop, claiming to offer a path to heaven and that it is "their time". This inevitably fails, as persons afflicted by the fear effect cannot be calmed under any circumstances. As such, it appears that SCP-3135's fear effect is involuntary.

SCP-3135 will continue the chase regardless of obstacles. It is able to "burn" through most material in its path, though the fire caused by this will not spread. It remains a few meters behind the target regardless of speed, making no attempt to "catch" the target. SCP-3135 chooses only one target at a time, and will continue pursuing its target until either it is met with impassable terrain (see containment procedures) or the target is unable to flee. When the target is immobile for approximately five (5) to seven (7) seconds, SCP-3135 becomes convinced that the target has accepted its proposition. It will emit a blinding white light that engulfs the target. Three (3) seconds later, the light fades and the target is gone, leaving only clothes and any accessories they were carrying.

People who see SCP-3135 and successfully escape have no difficulty recalling SCP-3135's appearance. Due to it's inability to be photographed or recorded, these accounts are the only reason we know what SCP-3135 looks like.

Acquisition: On ██/██/1995, the Foundation was alerted to the total loss of contact with the small village of ██████, Italy. Upon arrival, SCP-3135 was discovered roaming the now-abandoned streets. After containment, a search team discovered ██ piles of clothes and belongings strewn about the village, presumed to be SCP-3135's victims. In the town's church, remnants of what appeared to be a prayer circle were found. Among the belongings of the victims in this circle were ritualistic texts and symbols. The current hypothesis holds that SCP-3135 is the result of these church-goers attempting to summon [DATA EXPUNGED].

Follow-up investigations revealed that a majority of the village's population successfully fled the village and relocated to nearby towns. None of these civilians have made any attempt to return to the village. Amnestics were administered to all affected persons.

Test Log 3135-04
Test Subject: Subject D-3972

Foreword: Before the test, Subject D-3972 is equipped with an earpiece for direct communication with Command. Subject is also given a 9mm pistol (loaded with blanks) and told to use it if he feels he is in danger at any point. The subject is not aware the gun is loaded with blanks. The purpose of this was to determine if persons afflicted by the fear effect are able to defend themselves.

Subject D-3972 is led into the containment chamber, blindfolded. The door is sealed behind him. SCP-3135 shows no changes in behavior and pays no attention to the subject.

Subject is instructed to remove blindfold. Upon doing so, subject immediately begins screaming. SCP-3135 takes notice, begins to move towards subject.

SCP-3135: Do not be afraid, my child. I come with wondrous news.

Subject D-3972 continues screaming unintelligibly and flees to the door. Subject begins banging on the door, begging to be let out. SCP-3135 moves closer.

SCP-3135: You have been given a great gift by the Lord. You have been forgiven for your sins. I am your chariot, here to deliver you to the kingdom of Heaven.

Subject continues screaming, running to the far corner of the enclosure. SCP-3135 follows closely. Subject is clutching the pistol, but has yet to make any attempt to fire it.

SCP-3135: Your time has come, but despair not. An eternity of peace and happiness awaits you in His arms.

Command instructs the subject to fire upon SCP-3135. Subject ignores the order, dropping the gun as he flees to another corner of the room. Once again, SCP-3135 follows.

SCP-3135: Why do you run? How can you refuse an eternity of pleasure? You must accept. Paradise awaits.

As SCP-3135 continues to follow, subject continues to run around the room, screaming, in a futile attempt to get away. Subject is unresponsive to any instructions, and makes no attempt to retrieve the pistol.

SCP-3135: Please desist. Your path to paradise is absolute. This is cause for celebration, not fear.

This continues for approximately five (5) hours. Subject does not stop running and SCP-3135 does not stop following during this time. SCP-3135 continues talking throughout the entire test, still trying to convince the subject to accept its offer. Finally, the subject succumbs to exhaustion and collapses to the floor, unable to scream or move anymore. SCP-3135 stops just in front of the subject, waiting briefly before speaking again.

SCP-3135: At last, you have come to your senses. You have accepted the Lord's love. This pleases me greatly.

Subject wheezes and gurgles while twitching on the floor.

SCP-3135: There is no need to move, my child. I will take care of everything. Now behold, as Heaven wraps you in its warm embrace. The Lord welcomes you.

A white light engulfs the containment chamber, blinding even the shaded surveillance cameras. A few seconds later, the light subsides. Subject D-3972 is nowhere to be seen. On the floor lies his clothes (in the same location and position his body collapsed) and the earpiece.

SCP-3135: Amen.

SCP-3135 refuses to be interviewed, as it will only communicate with those it is currently pursuing. Otherwise, it remains mostly stationary in its holding cell, rarely attempting to escape (see Addendum 3135-A).

Some researchers have suggested utilizing SCP-3135's fear effect to subdue unruly SCP's and D-Class personnel. This request has been denied due to the risk of permanently losing valuable assets.

Addendum 3135-A: SCP-3135's only successful escape attempt occurred █ months after initial containment, believed to be due to poor adhesion of the biblical texts to the walls of the cell. Upon breaking containment, it roamed the corridors of Site 313 chasing various targets, compelling 90% of all personnel to flee the site entirely. Agent ████ was eventually able to seal SCP-3135 behind a blast door while fleeing, where it remained until Special Ops contained it once again. No casualties reported. Maintenance on SCP-3135's containment cell has been increased in frequency and strictness as a result.