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To the Desk of the Under-Secretary General

DATE: 12 June, 1998

TO: D.C. al Fine

FROM: UTE-0246-Type Green-Pygmalion-Freud-Buster

SUBJECT: PTE-0218-Alexandria-Buster-Kewpie-Child "A Very Powerful Book"

Threat ID:

PTE-0218-Alexandria-Buster-Kewpie-Child "A Very Powerful Book"

Authorized Response Level:

5 (Immediate Threat)

Description: [sic]1

Rules of Engagement:

To be determined. You should probably hurry, though.


PTE-0218-Alexandria-Buster-Kewpie-Child was created yesterday between the hours of 01:00 and 05:00 depending on how you define "creation". Happy hunting.


Moklin's very stupid project: A war between four GOIs over a very powerful book. GOIs are listed in alphabetical order, and the order they're eventually used in might not be alphabetical. The book and its anomaly were made up whole cloth for the purpose of draining everyone's resources, a la the golden apple of discord

List of GOIs that have a stake in this thing:

  1. The Chaos Insurgency - Anti-Foundation, likes to cause containment breaches
  2. Marshall, Carter, & Dark Ltd. - The Foundation holds several anomalies which would draw in extensive profits
  3. The Global Occult Coalition - The Foundation holds many dangerous anomalies that could just be destroyed

This entire thing is told via the use of every listed GOIs available GOI format, which are put in addenda/tabs under the title "Recovered Documentation" in the scip's tab.

Plot Outline/Order Of Events:
12/Jun/1998: someone made a disc showing that a book that documents ways to set thousands of anomalies free exists in order to waste everyone's resources. Queue a massive witch hunt/goose chase of multiple parties, including the Foundation itself.
18/Jun/1998: Delta Command delivers instructions to Dr. Adamski concerning a plan to depose of Dr. Kawalec in order to gain control of Area-14 and gain the A1-Phys-Vid-Aud-1585 file. Unbeknownst to Delta Command, Dr. Adamski is a double-agent, and immediately delivers the instructions to his superiors. The Foundation reassigns Dr. Kawalec under the guise of termination, and proceed to formulate misinformation to feed to Delta.
06/Oct/1998: The Foundation catches onto the ruse and decides to fake the book.
15/Dec/1998: Adamski leaks the misinformation to the CI. Due to this, Delta begins to formulate a plan to steal the book, which is a part of the Foundation's manipulative plan.
30/May/1999: Delta enacts their plan to retrieve the book, and it works. The book is then kept in a secure CI stronghold until 23/Sep/2000. Delta immediately begins to formulate plans as to obtaining scips. Some note should be mentioned about how Adamski is "terminated" for suspected ties to the CI. This would bring more confusion at his appearance in the final part, which makes the final line that much more impactful.
19/Aug/2000: MC&D format. I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do with this part, but I feel that it's important to give a bit of a breather between the raids. I'm stuck between having this be MC&D selling combat-anomalies to the CI, and them selling faulty combat-anomalies to the CI. The latter would make more sense, since they want the book, but I'm worried that it would be too convoluted. There's also the problem of how MC&D would know the CI owns the book.
23/Sep/2000: The GOC raids the CI stronghold and finds the book. Naturally, they too begin to formulate plans.
07/Feb/2001: The GOC raids the Foundation. Heavy casualties are sustained on the GOC's end, but that was expected going into it. The mission ends up failing, with the anomaly staying in the Foundation's hands due to human error. Ends on a GOC operative being interrogated by Adamski, who delivers the final zinger.

  1. TALE: Chaos Theory (In order of use):
    1. Global Occult Coalition
      1. Hook. Minimal information, but should instead show a sort of smug aura from UTE-0246-Type Green-Pygmalion-Freud-Buster. Readers familiar with the GOC lingo will realize that "Freud" means a compulsive effect. Hopefully, they will also realize that this is just 0246 being smug about how they're pretty much forcing everyone's hands.
    2. Marshall, Carter, & Dark Ltd.
      1. Used to show how thorough 0246 is being, and how they are powerful.
    3. Foundation Memetics Division
      1. Details the actual contents of the video. If this ends up being a tale series, the SCP page should come directly after Chaos Theory. If this is a tale series, then this is used to set the stakes.
    4. Chaos Insurgency
      1. Should be second-to-last. Reveals that the CI is in on it, and introduces the concept of distrust into the reader. Adamski is revealed to be a spy, but clever readers can look between the lines and realize that he's a double agent.
    5. Prometheus Labs
      1. Should end the tale/come directly after MC&D section, so as to imply that MC&D commissioned Prometheus for the device. Grant request for something which is/is capable of creating something that can locate anomalies. Used to explain how the GOIs tried to go about finding this thing.

  1. CI format detailing a plan to break into Area-14 and get the book, w/Post-OP summary of how it went down.
  2. MC&D format (CR7HM/I53FX/WD2T9)
    1. This is the main vector of doubt. Should optimally be expressed through multiple points of view, probably through the memos and texts.
    2. This space should also be utilized to set the stakes of exactly how bad of a thing it is that the CI have this thing. Ideally told through a custom sub-section listing all of the valuable items (dangerous and not) that the book might be able to rescue, and their estimated market value, sorted by least to most valuable (and hence, more dangerous).
    3. There needs to be talk about how the CI has the book, and a possible attempt at a trade deal (which obviously falls through off-screen, but it isn't stated.)
  3. GOC format documenting the recovery of the book from the CI.
    1. This bit should be very clean, with minimal GOC casualties. Readers are supposed to believe that the CI somehow knew the GOC were going to do a raid for the book and therefore switched it out, so there's a kind of double-twist.
  4. Tale showing the GOC using the book to break into a Site.
    1. This bit should be very messy, with a lot of GOC casualties. Used to sow further seeds of doubt into the reader before the final zinger.

Of note is that MC&D is trying to control everything from behind the scenes puppet-master style. Whether or not they succeed is up in the air.
Main Problems:

  1. I can't describe the book in every format, because then it would get monotonous.
  2. I don't know how to include the Serpent's Hand. I could ignore them, but they would logically care about this thing.
  3. I don't have a drop of subtlety to my name. If the Foundation figures out that it's a ruse, then that has to be sufficiently foreshadowed and hinted at, without it being at all obvious. Needless to say, I don't have that kind of skill.


A tale about a Foundation researcher going over the recovered documents post-incident and wondering what the GOIs did to try and find the book, since if the Foundation has these documents, they should also have the documents that detail how the GOIs went about the scavenger hunt. Told in email format.

A bit of lamp-shading on my part, but I'll just claim it's to sow seeds of subtle doubt into the story instead of it just being a testament to my idiocy.

Uses the Prometheus format7 as a way to show that MC&D commissioned Prometheus to make something capable of finding the book, which they did, and promptly sold it to everyone.

Initial Prometheus GOI format version will be a "corrupted" version, which is really just a cypher for some kind of message. The actual contents of the message are yet to be determined, but will probably be a different message/quote/poem from each GOI featured in "Chaos Theory" in separate sections, which all talk about or allude to purchasing the finished item from Prometheus. I don't know what to do with The Serpent's Hand.

The Foundation has theirs in the "PROBLEM" section, the GOC is in the "SOLUTION" section, MC&D is in the "BUSINESS CASE" section, The Serpent's Hand is in "USE OF FUNDING", and the Chaos Insurgency is in "KNOWN ISSUES". I personally feel that this is oddly appropriate, since it's a problem for the Foundation, a solution for the GOC, an investment for MC&D, and the Chaos Insurgency knowing about it is a major issue for everyone.