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Item #: SCP-3554

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-3554-1 is to have a perimeter 25 meters around it, protected by 15 SCP personnel. 10 SCP personnel must be inside of SCP-3554-1 to collect any new instances of SCP-3554-2-4. Any locals attempting to come close to SCP-3554-1 are to be detained, questioned, given Class-A Amnestics, and released. Locals are to be told the perimeter around SCP-3554-1 is the result of a high level of radiation in the area.
Any instances of SCP-3554-2-4 are to be transferred to [Data Expunged] and put into their designated containment cells. Multiple instances of any of SCP-3554-2-4 are allowed to be in the same containment cell corresponding to their ID number. Expired instances of SCP-3554-2-4 are to be disposed of by incineration. The distance between SCP-3554-5 and any instances of SCP-3554-2 is not to exceed 4.572 meters.

SCP-3554-5's containment cell must be soundproof, with a recording device keeping track of any vocalizations. When entering SCP-3554-5's containment cell, SCP personnel must wear hearing protection to muffle SCP-3554-5's voice in the event it chooses to "sing" in front of them. When transported around the site, SCP-3554-5 must either be drugged or muzzled to prevent its "singing". Any interviews with SCP-3554-5 are to be done by a Class D personnel and recorded for later review. Any subject who has directly listened to SCP-3554-5's "song" are to be quarantined and tested for any symptoms of SCP-3345-5-a.


SCP-3554 is the title given as a whole to SCP-3354-1 through SCP-3554-5. SCP-3554-1 is an old, three-story house in rural Alabama, 15 miles from [Data Expunged]. 3554-1 shows considerable amounts of decay, with its white paint peeling off to show a black substance underneath resembling ink. Many of the windows to the outside view are covered with dust, and the hinges to the front and back doors have rusted. Since SCP 3554-1's containment by SCP personnel in [Data Expunged] it has not shown any signs of further decay since when it was first discovered.
Entering SCP-3554-1 will lead to a large lounge room with multiple velvet furnishing, such as couches and chairs. Several side tables are beside the furnishings. There are a total of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an attic, and a basement inside of SCP-3554-1.

Inside the basement, multiple satanic markings can be found written on the walls. Genetic testing of the material used for the markings have been identified as a mix of blood and ink. Around the markings are phrases such as "sing loudly", "mother's song is beautiful" and "sing for mother".
On the far wall of the basement is a large mass of the same mixture of ink and blood. The mass appears to be a portal constantly spewing out a continuous number of black insects resembling cockroaches. These insects usually die within minutes of escaping the portal, and vanish soon after. This appears to be the lifecycle of the insects. The mass is also the point of origin for SCP-3554-2-4.

SCP-3554-2, SCP-3554-3, SCP-3554-4, and SCP-3554-5 are the designated titles of the four entities found within SCP-3554-1. SCP-3554-2-4 emerge from the mass within SCP-3554-1's basement at random times, and will expire after a certain amount of time has passed since separation from SCP-3554-1. SCP-3554-2-5 do not appear to need any form of sustenance, except for being inside of SCP-3554-1 (with the exception of SCP-3554-5.) Tissue analysis has confirmed SCP-3554-2, SCP-3554-3, and SCP-3554-5 have the genetic makeup similar to humans, while SCP-3554-4 has the genetic makeup of a canine.

All instances of SCP-3554-2 somewhat resemble a highly bloated humanoid infant, with a pair of thin arms and legs. SCP-3554-2 is capable of floating above the ground up to 1.8288 meters, and will remain motionless when not within the line of sight of SCP-3554-5. If in a position of stress, or when a distance of over 4.572 meters is between it and SCP-3554-5, it will begin to vocalize in the form of a high-pitched scream capable of shattering glass. When a recording of the vocalization was altered with auditory editing, the sound of a crying infant can be heard. It is currently unknown how SCP-3554-2 knows when SCP-3554-5 is outside the distance of 4.572 meters, and whether or not this is the cause of active thought processes. When outside of SCP-3554-1, SCP-3554-2 will expire after around 2-3 weeks.

Instances of SCP-3554-3 greatly resemble SCP-3554-2, with a few exceptions. SCP-3554-3 is much larger than SCP-3554-2, and possess two more pairs of arms. SCP-3554-3 expresses maternal behavior around SCP-3554-2, and is often seen holding multiple instances of them. SCP-3554-3 possesses the ability of movement independent of SCP-3554-5's presence, and does not seem to need to maintain any certain distance with it. When instances of SCP-3554-2 are taken from it or can be seen to be in distress, SCP-3554-3 will vocalize in a deep-pitched yelling. Auditory editing has shown the vocalization is a highly distorted screaming of a human girl of about adolescent age. Certain moments of the vocalization show SCP-3554-3 is yelling "Don't you touch my baby!" and "Get your hands off my baby!" Instances of SCP-3554-3 expire 1-3 months after departure from SCP-3554-1.

Instances of SCP-3554-4 are four-legged humanoid creatures with postures almost identical to that of canines. The resemblance to canines continues with the behavior of SCP-3554-4. It will follow basic commands given to a usual house dog, including 'sit', 'stay', and 'come.' SCP-3554-4 also possesses a large mouth that hangs open, panting and letting a blackened tongue loll out. Inside its mouth are four rows of razor sharp teeth that easily tear flesh. SCP-3554-4 will cooperate with SCP personnel and welcome them in an excited manner of hopping back and forth, its mouth contorting into what some SCP personnel have called a "grin." It will usually follow the commands of SCP personnel, but has shown aggression when seeing instances of SCP-3554-2 and SCP-3554-3 being handled by personnel. SCP-3554-4 also shows a large amount of loyalty to SCP-3554-5, obeying every order given by it. After a year has passed since being inside SCP-3554-1, SCP-3554-4 will expire.

SCP-3554-5 is a pale humanoid resembling a young man, wearing dress clothes typical with that of the 1930's, including a top hat. It appears to know in length manners and respectful attitude, and will often tip its hat or take it off in respect for those it views as being in places of power. A wrapping of bandages covers SCP-3554-5's face where the eyes of a normal human would have them. Underneath the bandages is a scarred, folded up expanse of skin in place of eyes and nose. SCP-3554-5 prefers to have bandages covering the area, claiming it is very sensitive. However, it still possesses the ability of navigating itself around obstacles, suggesting it has a form of sight or other way of identifying its surroundings. Its mouth stretches wide across its face, and shows signs of dry mouth. SCP-3554-5's teeth are in decent condition, though its back molars are all canines.
Other than its appearance and ability of navigation, another anomalous trait of SCP-3554-5 is its singing. SCP-3554-5 will sing often, spending up to ¾ of the day singing inside its cell. Its singing often comes out as gravely mumblings of undecipherable pronunciations. One particular song of SCP-3554-5 is affectionately titled by it as "Mother's Song," and it will sing it at least once a day. The following is a transcription of the lyrics.

[Data Expunged, 05 permission needed.]

When human subjects listen to Mother's Song in its entirety, they will begin to show signs of a sickness titled SCP-3554-5-a, starting with sluggishness and labored breathing. After around [Data Expunged], subjects will begin to cough up [Data Expunged], including the same insects coming from the mass inside of SCP-3554-1. Shortly after this, the subject will seek out any other humans and [Data Expunged], resulting in the death of all involved, including the subject. SCP-3554-5, if witnessing this, will
applaud the subject and claim said subject has "seen the true beauty of our mother and her music".

SCP-3554-5 has not expired since its containment.

Addendum 3554-5-1:

SCP-3554 was found on July 21, 2011 after a mass murder in a home in nearby [Data Expunged]. Samuel and Jennifer Mackinzey, and their children Drew and Matthew were all found dead, with clear signs of SCP-3554-5-a being the cause of the deaths. Undercover SCP agents alerted the Foundation of the incident, and soon after SCP-3554-1 was discovered. Muffled screeching could be heard inside at the time SCP personnel arrived.