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An iteration of SCP-2684's 'logo', made in the program F█████████. Drawn by D-4755, who was exposed to Squeezy's Seafood Emporium intentionally.

Item #: SCP-2684

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The process by which SCP-2684 instances spread is untraceable, and as such Foundation officials are tasked with locating and demolishing instances of SCP-2684 after they are created; Mobile Task Force Psi-7 ("Home Improvement") are currently undergoing this process.

In the event that an SCP-2684 instance is found, the surrounding area will be quarantined until all instances of SCP-2684-1 and -2 have been terminated, and SCP-2684 has been demolished. Cover story 2684/1 ("Virus Outbreak") will be implemented. It is theorized that all instances of SCP-2684 will be terminated by 20██.

SCP-2684-1 instances that have begun to interact with each other are to be terminated by use of hydrochloric acid, as blunt force, bullets, and explosives only pose a negligible threat. These instances are considered extremely dangerous and their termination is the highest priority in SCP-2684 containment.

Description: SCP-2684 is a restaurant chain under the collective name of Squeezy's, though the exact name varies with each instance.1 It can usually be identified by its logo2, which remains the same among all iterations. Other than the effects gained from eating inside, SCP-2684 instances operate entirely as non-anomalous restaurants.

SCP-2684 displays mild antimemetic affects in about 90% of those who observe it. Subjects observing an instance from outside often forget ever seeing it minutes later. Instances of SCP-2684 will gain an average of about seven (7) customers a day. Its primary effect is much more dominant, and displays itself in 10% of those who observe it from the outside and proceed to enter. SCP-2684 spreads a memetic disorder through the process of food being consumed inside the building. This is evident in all iterations, and there is no known way to remove this effect without demolishing the building.

This disorder manifests slowly, but immediately, reaching its full effect about two months after exposure. After eating inside SCP-2684, the subject (hereafter referred to as SCP-2684-1) will become addicted to SCP-2684 food and will continue to attend the restaurant until approximately 10 kilograms of food is consumed. SCP-2684-1 will show an obsession with food items with high calorie intake, amounts of grease, and overall harmful effects on the human body when consumed in high amounts. Meat (primarily beef and pork) is a prime example of this. SCP-2684-1 will quickly become dependent on SCP-2684 for sustenance. When denied access to food before full infection takes place, SCP-2684-1 will display symptoms of drug withdrawal and full infection will slow.

Initially, these symptoms are negligible and pose no threat to others. However, they will eventually bolster in intensity. SCP-2684-1 typically will gain 15 to 30 kilograms of fat within 16-30 days of exposure due to high calorie intake and body fat percentages. SCP-2684-1 will begin to lose nutrition from meals and will begin eating larger amounts of food. Instances of SCP-2684-1 in extreme cases have been observed to assault and cannibalize others in attempts to satisfy their hunger, though this becomes very common in late stages.

It is at this point that SCP-S684-1 will begin to experience biological mutation. Though specimens will retain sapience and consciousness, most of their thought processes revolve around the consuming of meat. SCP-2684-1 specimens have been observed to gain 57 to 150 kilograms of fat within days at this stage, regardless of food intake. Eventually, SCP-2684-1 will be rendered completely immobile due to its constant weight gain.

The average SCP-2684-1 specimen at this stage weighs about 550 kilograms. It should be noted that while SCP-2684-1 instances are hostile to humans, they are a low-level threat while alive due to their immobility. SCP-2684-1 will almost always expire within a week after becoming immobile, due to starvation and muscle atrophy - SCP-2684-1 has not been observed with a weight of over 780 kilograms before death.

Multiple instances of SCP-2684-1 "nesting" in the same area will begin to interact with each other - SCP-2684-1 instances that corroborate with each other will begin to undergo a new transformation that leads to almost completely doubled mass and extreme hostility, as well as large deposits of fat in the body seemingly [REDACTED] similarly to a virus.

An extremely small percentage of victims of SCP-2684 have instead shown different symptoms, which are wildly different from the symptoms of SCP-2684-1 infection. The factors of this infection are unknown, but wealthiness, previous skills as a marketer, and connections to the rich and powerful seem to be factors in most victims (hereafter referred to as SCP-2684-2). SCP-2684-2 will make extensive efforts to maintain a conventionally attractive appearance and act charming, and in some cases, even seductive.

SCP-2684-2, when given the chance and time, will construct another instance of SCP-2684. In most cases, especially where SCP-2684-2 is not financially stable, the process of creating a new restaurant will end in failure (such as homelessness or lack of reliable income); SCP-2684-2 specimens will regardless attempt to sell meat, though this is harmless unless an SCP-2684 instance is successfully built.

The process of creating another instance of SCP-2684, when successful, is completely identical to the process of acquiring, building, and managing a restaurant depending on laws within the area. This process will take about 120 days on average. The antimemetic properties manifest almost immediately after groundbreaking - knowledge of SCP-2684 instances being built is completely unheard of among residents of affected towns. SCP-2684-2 will actively attempt to spread to spread awareness through advertising, word-of-mouth and anonymous calls and e-mails to the surrounding community. This will often start a 'community' of those who are immune to SCP-2684-2's antimemetic effects.

Addendum 2684-a: Recovery Log

SCP-2684 was first made aware to the Foundation in 19██, when Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") was sent to ███ ████, ██ to investigate claims of a disease that included symptoms of "rapid morbid obesity" that had spread through the city, having resulting in the deaths of 137 individuals.

Investigation and quarantine lasted for two days until it was determined that a local restaurant, Squeezy's Fried Chicken Kingdom, was the source of the "outbreak". Pi-1 succeeded in demolishing the building and terminating all remaining SCP-2684-1 specimens. The remaining survivors were given Class-B amnestics.

Initially Pi-1 was tasked with terminating all instances of SCP-2684-1 and the existence of SCP-2684 was not known. When Pi-1 discovered SCP-2684 difficulty was reported in entering the building and collecting samples, and two casualties resulted. An abbreviated transcript of the audio recording of part of Pi-1's entering SCP-2684 can be read below.

Pi-1 members Victor, Juliet, and Papa tracked SCP-2684 after receiving no response from them, and found Sierra alive, having barricaded himself in the basement with Delta. Sierra survived with minimal injuries, and Delta is considered comatose due to massive third-degree burns from a grenade set off by Oscar. Pi-1 later succeeded in detonating the building after ascertaining it's role as the source of the outbreak.

The SCP-2684-2 instance that founded Squeezy's Fried Chicken Kingdom, J█████ H███, was taken into questioning.

After being led to Cell Block ███, H███ attempted escape, successfully incapacitating one guard before being terminated by Agent B█████ ████. Agent was reprimanded for his considerable anger and unethical brutality in terminating the subject.

All attempts to question survivors of the "outbreak" yielded no leads. Subjects knew little to nothing about SCP-2684, though a select few were capable of naming it by the restaurant name it was advertised as.

Addendum 2684-b:

An advertisement for Squeezy’s BBQ and More can be read below, originally found in an email sent to multiple people in ████████, ██.

Are you craving quality food?
Do you yearn for cheap prices?
Do you not remember the last time you ate at a family-friendly, wholesome restaurant?
Find us at [REDACTED] today!
-Squeezy's Restaurant Manager

- Dr. ███████