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SCP-3585 disturbing surveillance equipment

Item #: SCP-3585 - The Know it All

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3585 is to be contained in a secure holding cell with 2 cm wide sound proof glass and a magnetically locked door. SCP-3585 cant be monitored througt cameras because of som sort of disturbence to all sort of electrical surveillance equipment within a 10 meters of SCP-3585, therefore SCP-3585 has to be surveyed in person by either 2 MTF or 2 D-Class.
SCP-3585 is allowed to roam around the facility and is to be constantly monitored and escorted by two (2) armed MTF-units if it desiers to do so, otherwise sould be in it's cell at all times.
WARNING!: SCP-3585 is not to be angered in any way possible to prevent unnecessery casualties and lower the chanse of a containment breach by forcing the door breaking the glass of it's cell open and releasing all keter class objekts from contaiment. IN CASE OF A CONTAINMENT BREACH DO NOT ALLOW SCP-3585 REACH THE SITES HEAVY CONTAINMENT AREA! I REPEAT, DO NOT ALLOW SCP-3585 REACH THE SITES HEAVY CONTAINMENT AREA

Description: SCP-3585 is currently kept at site-██ and appears to be a 6ft tall sentient white humanoid (presumed man) with glowing blue eyes wearing casual civilian grade clothing of an unknown manufacturer, it weighs about 70.8 kg (156.1 lb), usualy Its really friendly and any personnel (without mental training to withstand mind-twisting SCPs) within a 5 meter radius of SCP-3585 will become high spirited and happy no matter the condition, depression, trauma such as PTSD, any form of grief and many more will disapear, the only change of this behavior is if SCP-3585 if aggravated or threatend, where instead all personnel in a 5 meter radius will become aggravated and protective of SCP-3585 and attempt kill the aggravator, if the aggravator is teminated normal behavior is resumed.

It usually volunters when testing extremely dangerous SCPs to prevent unnecesery death of D-Class personnel because of It says it has no name but that it is called the "Know It All 2.0", a hard to read mark on it's forearm which says the same thing in what fells like a rough leather. it does not mind being called by it's SCP designation, because of "It likes having a name, and that it has not had a name before." It's age and origin is unknown, and it was originally discovered/found and retrived in █████, Sweden, 1995 sitting on top of a abandoned ruin after a massiv landslide in the area, the wounded was attended to and cared for, no reported casualties.
It claims to posseses all human knowledge as long as its written down, which meand It does not know if aliens exsist or if theres life outside of earth because if its is not written down nor proven i can only theorize these things as everybody else has to do, but on the other hand IF written down AND proven he will know it even if It has not read the dokument (this means he does'nt know anything more then us about other SCPs), It also has super fast generative abilities and a metal skeleton, the bones are made of an unknown metal and stress test on the bones show that they are nere to UNBREAKABLE, further study required.

When SCP-3585 enter an angered state SCP-3585 will turn into SCP-3585-1A through C, SCP-3585 has stated that who ever it becomes when angered that IT is not him, the only difference between SCP-3585 and SCP-3585-1A through C is glowing red eyes instead of the normal blue

O5 Clearance required
Login: ████████

O5 Access granted

Welcome Dr.██████

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