Moofers Drafting Page

Item #: SCP-1175

Object Class: Safe

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Photo of SCP 1175, takes on appearance of a complex pocket watch.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1175 is to be kept in a double reinforced steel container with three separate locks, due to the nature of the object only Level three (3) and four (4) personnel may access the item given O5 written permission is granted, two security personnel must be present to prevent removal of SCP 1175 from the containment room.

Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX somewhat known and the effects it causes after use varie it is vital that it be classed as Safe, under no circumstances should SCP-XXXX be removed from its containment room, all testing will be conducted in the containment room’s testing area that is marked on the floor.

Special procedures are to be taken when running tests with SCP 1175, two (2) Level four (4) personnel must be present to oversee and guide the subject in testing SCP 1175, furthermore all personnel must wear hazmat suits during the testing, interview and autopsy, except for D-class subjects. Once tests are concluded an interview must be conducted and the subject to be kept in a cell and renamed to SCP 1175-01 and all knowledge learned to be collected and digitized over to a database for further analysis.

Level four (4) personnel must receive permission from O5 before performing tests with SCP 1175 on specific times, dates and locations. [See Note XXXX-B.]

Anybody seen trying to remove SCP-XXXX must be detained and placed in custody and interviewed to the reasons of trying to remove SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-1175 is gold complex pocket watch with the brand name ██████ engraved into the back cover. The face of the watch is from first glance is of average design with hour, minute and second hands, with also day, month and year sections on the face of watch, the unusual part of the face is that there is a section of numbers which display at the bottom, the numbers have been reported to be coordinates and reset every use to +██° ██' ██.██", -█° █' ██.██", these coordinates have been located to [REDACTED], location has been classified SCP-XXXX-1. [See Exploration Log 1175-1-0001.]

SCP-1175 was found at an antique shop located in [REDACTED], the local residents had reported the shop owner hadn't opened his shop for a considerable period of time, upon investigation by an SCP agent the watch was found on the dead body of the shop owner, time, date and location shown on the object was [DATA EXPUNGED].

On observation there seems only one dial that has no bearing other than to activate the object's mechanics, from the tests that have be conducted the pocket watch reacts to the verbal command from only the subject that is currently holding the object. Once commanded the numbers and date change accordingly to the instructed time, date, and location, once the subject presses in the dial the subject appears to go into a comatose state for a period of time.

The time varies depending on subject and what time, date and coordinates have been instructed to the watch, the longest a subject has been in a comatose state was ███ days, every subject that has woken up after testing SCP 1175 have gained a large array of knowledge from the time, date and coordinates that the object was instructed to enter, these subjects should be classified as SCP-XXXX-A1 increasing number for each subject.

The knowledge that is learned varies from subject to subject, when tested on important and crucial dates and locations the user will wake from the comatose stage and about thirty (30) minutes after the subject will start to show severe dementia it is estimated 2 hours after signs of dementia the subject will die from a rapid stroke in all cases involved with instructing specific dates/locations and upon autopsy the body 80% of the time shows signs of damage from the importance of the time, date and location. [See Note 1175-B1.]

SCP 1175 has been taken apart to find any unusual components to give an idea how the watch operates but none have been located within the object, putting all parts and reconstructing the watch to before dismantled state allows the object to starting to work accordingly. Upon research of the brand name ██████ no evidence has been found to indicate that the brand even existed, no clear communication method is present anywhere on the object indicates it maybe sentient.