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Item #: SCP-2433

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2433 is to be contained in a small black handgun carrying case. This case is to be kept in standard containment unit on a small elevated table.

Description: SCP-2433 is what appears to be a Colt 45 handgun. This handgun can emit frequencies up to 5 meters away and is always loaded. These frequencies have been reported to affect the human mind with a memetic effect. These frequencies, SCP-2433-1, have been reported to make people hallucinate and go into some trance like state where those affected become generally unresponsive.

This trance like state, designated “SCP-2433-2” and has the subjects go to extreme lengths to acquire SCP-2433. Once to SCP-2433, the subjects would use SCP-2433 to shoot themselves, ultimately killing themselves. Subjects affected also reported headaches and nausea and general discomfort. Anyone affected by SCP-2433-2 will not remember anything during SCP-2433-2 if they are removed from the area of effect.

SCP-2433 was recovered from a warehouse in █████████ Somalia. There were reports of gunshots and when authorities arrived there were 10 dead individuals found and SCP-2433 was lying on the ground. Personnel were dispatched to retrieve SCP-2433 and a Class B Amnesic was administered to anyone that witnessed SCP-2433.