Moonpaw's Drafts

Item #: SCP-5555

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5555-1 and SCP-5555-2 are to be kept in standard humanoid containment cell located at Site-██. This containment chamber should have an additional secondary smaller chamber connected to it, with the secondary chamber's door made of a one-way window, such that anyone inside has line of sight to the entirety of the primary containment room, but anyone within the primary containment room cannot see into the secondary. Both rooms are to be remotely monitored and recorded.

SCP-5555-2 is to be contained in the secondary room, though it must be allowed to accompany SCP-5555-1 anywhere that SCP-5555-1 goes. In the event that SCP-5555-2 becomes hostile, SCP-5555-1 is to be brought to SCP-5555-2. Should SCP-5555-1 fail to comply, SCP-5555-1 is to be tranquilized and brought to SCP-5555-2.

SCP-5555-1 is currently undergoing weekly treatment with a Foundation psychologist for anxiety, paranoia, and insomnia. SCP-5555-1 can also request over-the-counter sleep aids, based upon their good behavior. Further access to either SCP-5555-1 or -2 for experimentation or interview must be approved by the SCP-5555 project lead, Senior Researcher Jessica Devereaux

Anyone with information regarding PoI-5555-A should contact Senior Researcher Devereaux, or MTF Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders").

Description: SCP-5555-1 is a Caucasian human female (identified as Mary Robberts), age 16 (as of acquisition, ██/██/2017), measuring 1.7 m in height, weighing 62 kg. SCP-5555-1 possesses no anomalous properties outside of their apparent bond with SCP-5555-2. SCP-5555-1 is generally compliant with Foundation requests, but has expressed anxiety over their bond with SCP-5555-2. This bond appears to be the primary source of SCP-5555-1's paranoia, as SCP-5555-2 is almost always nearby. Whenever possible, SCP-5555-1 will orient their position so that SCP-5555-2 is behind them, and act as though SCP-5555-2 is not present. SCP-5555-1 has also expressed difficulty sleeping due to SCP-5555-2's presence.

SCP-5555-2 is a humanoid entity measuring 2.4 m in height, weighing 225 kg, with characteristics resembling a member of the Equidae family. Specifically, SCP-5555-2 has four hooves, a humanoid torso, light red fur covering the majority of its body, an equine face and jaw and a single white horn measuring 25 cm in length resembling that of a Monodon monoceros1.

SCP-5555-2 displays exceptional strength and ferocity when itself or SCP-5555-1 is threatened, tearing at its opposition with its horn, or striking with its hooves. SCP-5555-2 is also moderately resistant to damage caused by conventional weapons, though it is deterred by heat and flame based weaponry. SCP-5555-2 is unaffected by even the most potent tranquilizers. When SCP-5555-1 is in danger, SCP-5555-2 will move to defend it, and attack anything that displays any aggression against SCP-5555-1, with little regard to its own safety. When neither entity is in danger, and SCP-5555-1 is within its line of sight, SCP-5555-2 is docile, and does little other than follow SCP-5555-1. SCP-5555-2 does not appear to need food or sleep.

Initial Discovery: SCP-5555 was discovered on ██/██/2017 in a forest near ██████████, LA, after report of a monster attacking campers reached the local police department. Imbedded Foundation agents flagged the report as a potential anomaly, and members of MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") were sent to investigate. MTF E-6 encountered SCP-5555-1 and -2 near the local campgrounds. SCP-5555-2 attacked MTF E-6 immediately upon seeing their weaponry, but halted its attack when SCP-5555-1 surrendered itself. One member of MTF E-6 suffered a crushing shoulder injury, but recovered after being taken to ███████ Regional Medical Center.