Resurrection Structure

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First, what's already done:

Act One

The Formation of Alpha-9

  • This Act ends when Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 is introduced.
  • If anything else is added here,
  • Major Follow-Up
    1. Iris' Character Arc.
    2. Kain's Projects.
    3. "The Call Is Coming From Inside The House" — Division Three, and Foundation Enemies
    4. Able
    5. Omega-7 Survivors
    6. MC&D
  • Current Additions:
    1. Light's story to tie off the Act. Remember, this Act ends when Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 is introduced. So… we need to introduce the MTF. (No Joke doesn't count, not just for being in the next Act, but also because it's only Iris.) This is otherwise known as the "Reactions to Council approval of Alpha-9" story, and Mann, Light, and Moose (one scene) are already writing it, with more to come. For more in-depth info, see IRC! (Tentatively due Sunday 6/21)





This is, so far, just under 100 suggested stories! However, many of these can be combined. I would estimate that we need about a dozen stories per Act, and have the option for more.

Act Two

  1. General:
    1. I'd like to switch gears in this act to taking advantage of our ability to create Major Collaborative Stories.
      • This isn't really necessary for every story, especially stories that one writer is especially interested in writing themselves. (Incident Zero, Girl's Night Out, No Joke, and High Court are all examples.)
    2. Flashbacks should contribute to a current arc, as a rule. They will no longer have their own section.
    3. Stand-alones (including, rarely, flashbacks) should fit thematically with what's currently going on in the storyline. (Not a huge problem so far, just a reminder.)
    4. Final names of Arcs won't be as spoilery as they are here, so don't worry about that.
  2. Alpha-9: Alpha-9 takes its first missions. Set up cool shit. Major character arcs.
    1. Story: Alpha-9 Does Training. We need to establish that characters need 2 months to get trained. I suggest that this story be set near the end of a training period for whoever's currently getting trained to go into the field, and take place right after No Joke. Iris can be checking in with the rest of the team as they're finishing preparations to go into the field with her. This can also further her arc. We need some drama to fill the space here, though — Number One With A Bullet is great largely because of Clef & Adams clashing, but there aren't established clashes here yet. This might be a way to start this off, though.
    2. Three Stories: Major Ops. I would say we need a minimum of three major Alpha-9 ops with most or all the Starter SCP Members involved (aka, not counting No Joke or Camp Granada). Some of these can be the Collab Stories.
      • These Major Ops may or may not include Famous SCPs or Major GOIs. Certainly, since we want to bring in the Major GOIs, at least one of these ops should involve them directly (probably COTBG, to prompt the Crusade; see below).
      • We can do as many side ops as we like — if we end up wanting to do a lot of them, they could get their own side arc. That could be fun. Possibly going along with Mann & Clef talking (RESEARCH NEEDED at the very least to compile their advice, and ask new questions; Mann's offered to answer compiled questions.)
      • There's also a ton of ideas for any kind of op in the GOIs section following. Suggestions that do not involve GOIs can go here. [Gaffs suggestion: Magpies]
    3. Tentpole Story: The Foundation's Big Mistake. At least one major additional final op in this arc that really fucks shit up with the anomalous community. Leads to GOI War. Possible Collab.
      • What is this story? I have no idea right now. Suggestions?
    4. The team's major interpersonal conflicts should be established — not necessarily furthered, but established — by the end of this section.
    5. The team's major beefs with GOIs should also be established.
    6. Tentpole Story: Declaration of War/Withdrawing Of Protections The (applicable) GOIs declare war to end this arc. (See GOIs section.) By 'declare war', I think that the goal of the GOIs in general should be to destroy and/or subjugate the Foundation because of the danger they present and the damage they've already done with Alpha-9 (or, opportunistically, of course).
      • I think the best way to make this work is to go with Clef's idea of the GOC removing its unofficial protections from the Foundation within the anomalous community, opening the floodgates at the worst possible time.
  3. The GOIs: GOIs are, effectively, our mandatory "cast list" for this act.
    1. Marshall, Carter, & Dark. Writers: LordDeath, Clef. [Needs others.]
      1. Introduction to this already covered.
      2. Continuation: I think that MC&D does not actually need to declare war against the Foundation and actually I don't think they should — can create conflict within the Foundation because look at the bedfellows they have now, they lost their tentative silent alliance with the GOC and are rolling around in bed with Marshall, Carter, and Dark! So I think this section should end with MC&D explicitly telling the Foundation that they're quite happy with them right now and if you need anything, feel free to ask, of course so long as our profits allow. While emphasizing something horrible MC&D has done.
      3. Possible Story: An Alpha-9 Side Op Assisting MC&D This could serve the above causes. I suggest this story function as a crossover with The Gulf canon — we already have references to The Gulf via Cimmerian, and a pre-existing non-aggression treaty between anomalous orgs in the Southern US doesn't at all contradict what we've set up. In fact, it works well. (NOTE: This would not imply that The Gulf canon itself is a subset of Resurrection, but rather than a version of The Gulf canon exists in Res' universe. I think it's worthwhile.) I believe Decibelle, LurkD, and Cimmerian would be suited to writing this, if we go with it.
      4. Possible Story: Attending An Auction (AWCY/MC&D/Foundation) We could have a story involving MC&D sponsoring AWCY projects (as in Troy's letter story). This would bring in AWCY fairly easily, doing double duty. In fact, we could have an auction scene involving AWCY, to cover the suggested scene above emphasizing "MC&D are horrible, and also totally friendly with us now" with the AWCY artist doing horrible things to the auctioned people (some of the traitors working with Division Three re: Camp Granada?) for triple duty.
    2. The Global Occult Coalition. Writers: Clef. [Others?]
      1. Need primary characters introduced.
      2. Need to be set up as scary opponents to the Foundation. (if the Foundation is going to defeat them, they need to be set up as even more scary.)
      3. Should be some playing on the previous ally-ship between GOC & Foundation — I suggest scenes with GOC & Foundation go-betweens talking to each other, and exploring a bit about how their current working relationship works.
      4. This working relationship should be temporarily cut off by the end when the GOC effectively declares war on the Foundation. Likely should be provoked by Alpha-9 ops that cause problems for the GOC — which means we need to make sure that those ops are written.
      5. Clef notes that an alternative to the GOC declaring war is to remove their protections from the Foundation. "What protections?" Well, we're about to find out.
      6. Story: Meet the GOC Necessary for us to get to understand the GOC as a character. Will not involve direct conflict with Alpha-9 or the Foundation, but indirect conflict is fine. Should involve seeing the GOC members kicking ass in action. Other content is up in the air.
        • See above about 'scary' consideration.
    3. ORIA Writers: Eskobar
      1. I'm not wholly sure about how this one's gonna work because I haven't yet talked to Eskobar about it. However, I know that this section is the best time to introduce ORIA. And needless to say, I'm excited about their conclusion.
      2. As with other GOIs, I expect they'll have declared war on the Foundation by the end of this section. (Of course, they may end up being more like MC&D — declaration of war isn't required unless it's required thematically, and ORIA could go either way.)
      3. Story: ORIA React To Alpha-9 ORIA is little known, so this story needs to serve a similar function to the GOC story requested above. Beyond that, up in the air.
        • Alpha-9 could come to ORIA's attention via an Op, of course.
    4. The Church Of The Broken God. Writers: UNKNOWN
      1. I believe it is vital to include the very first GOI ever, and possibly one of the most important.. I suggest a Holy Crusade against the Foundation. This Crusade could be prompted by … a whole lot of things, depending on how we want to play the Church and what stuff we want to build on that others have created (the Church is highly developed). However, it must be set up in this section, and the Crusade should ideally be declared by the end of this section.
      2. We want to should majorly play up the horror aspect. The Church should play a role of Justification of the Foundation's Mission; we can have sympathetic members, members who are more Hand-like, but they need to be balanced out by Scary As Fuck leaders. This applies even if we include Neo-Church stuff (which we probably should). The Church helps represent the darkness the Foundation are fighting against. If the entire anomalous community are secretly good guys, the Foundation cannot be heroes.
      3. Story: The Broken Crusade (Alpha-9 Op) This is probably one of the Major Alpha-9 Ops, which deals a major blow against the Church of the Broken God, and a crusade is declared against the Foundation. In the tradition of the ancient crusades, this probably involves trying to retrieve a valued major artifact — or better yet, liberate a major (and creepy/horrifying) Major Holy Site that the Foundation (via Alpha-9) has just occupied. Perhaps a vast ancient clockwork city with some Sealed Evil In An Altar?
        • The storyline could proceed in Acts 3 & 4 by the Church attempting to take back the site, while the Foundation struggle to hold it against the horrors within, and also explore further to try to discover the site's full nature.
    5. The Serpent's Hand. Writers: Moose [others?]
      1. The Hand represents the counter to the Foundation. But unlike other Hand stuff some of us have written (Moose, Zyn, Dex, others, presenting the heroic side of the Hand), the duality of the Hand needs to be presented. Namely: We need sympathetic Hand characters, AND raving evil radical Hand villains who want to bring about the end of the world (in service to SCPs) and can succeed. These two character categories — Beauty and Terror — need to be brought in, in this section.
      2. Like the Church, the Hand villains here need to represent what the Foundation is fighting against (while the Hand heroes continue to represent what the Foundation gets wrong, but this is very easy to cover). I suggest that to emphasize that, the Hand villains free some dangerous SCPs and ally with them — either in this section, or in the following section. (Not the 3rd section — that's when things are getting wrapped up. Not unless this involves the Hand villains managing to free some horrors and getting eaten.)
      3. It's entirely likely that the Hand heroes will defeat or help defeat the Hand villains by the end of this massive arc, but for now, they absolutely can be allied.
      4. BOTH "beauty" and "terror" need to 'declare war' on the Foundation by the end of this section. The Hand heroes and villains should be marching against the Foundation, in other words, whether allied or not.
      5. As for WHAT sort of evil god-thing the Hand villains want to support — maybe it's the Unknown that the Foundation is ultimately fighting in this arc? Or, perhaps better, a dark god promising defense against the Unknown, albeit for a horrible price?
      6. There's a danger of too much thematic overlap with the Church for this; we'll have to think about. Either way —
      7. Story: Shenanigans With The Serpent's Hand To be determined.
    6. The Chaos Insurgency. Writers: Moose [others?] — Moose has some of this already drafted.
      1. The Insurgency represents the 'dark mirror' of the Foundation. They have crossed the line the Foundation won't cross — they gain power for themselves, they intend to take the place of God, they plan to redefine normalcy and recreate the world in their own image. Therefore, their arc should emphasize the dark mirror stuff, especially considering that Alpha-9 can be seen as going down the Insurgency path.
      2. To this end: We want defectors to the Insurgency. We want the Insurgency to alternately attack the Foundation — baited by the new powerful stuff they're creating! (perhaps even emphasize that before this, they weren't really all that interested in attacking the Foundation so much as they once did, because the Foundation was less of a juicy target; focusing largely on undermining operations like SCP-884) — and reach out to the Foundation. Look at the power we can offer you. We can help you fix this mess — and escalate to, we can help you fix the world. (This may come up more in the following sections, less so this one.) Of course — they also represent the darkness the Foundation are fighting, so emphasize horror associated with them too.
      3. Story: The Insurgency Attack Site-19 Moose is already writing this; includes SCP-1985, SCP-239, and Cain.
    7. The Black Queen: Writers: Clef, Moose, Any.
      1. The whole thing with the modern Black Queen is that she forces the Foundation to confront the sins they've committed. There are many ways this can go — and ultimately, many ways to play it. Because of that, it's not vital that TBQ feature prominently yet, but she needs to appear at least one in this section in a major way. It also feels like it would be quite easy & fun to bring her in as a major figure here, though, possibly in connection with the Serpent's Hand.
      2. Possible Story: Sins of the Past (Alpha-9 Op) One of the Alpha-9 ops is something set up by the Black Queen to force Alpha-9 to confront some sort of ugly Foundation history related to Omega-7 (and probably Gears, because, well, look who TBQ is. Perhaps — something which Gears was coerced into being involved in? Maybe not) "We're being played." Could bring in some secret Able op — or better yet an Iris/Able op to fuck with Iris (not TBQ's intent, but our intent as writers for MAX DRAMA.) I think this would best fit into this section, if we do it.
        • This could center around: An old SCP that can be used as a trap (SCP-184 springs to mind), a old, shuttered weaponized project that Gears worked on (think Olympia but go really creepy), or both.
    8. Are We Cool Yet. Writers: Any.
      1. Given the popularity of AWCY and anart, I feel like we need at least one story involving AWCY, even if it's just hilarious doofiness. Or part of one of the Alpha-9 major or side ops.
      2. For a major story idea, see MC&D.
    9. The Factory: Writers: Any.
      1. One of the classic GOIs. However, I don't think it needs to be a centerpiece — the Factory has a lot of mystique we could ruin by including it too directly. Instead, I think an Alpha-9 op should center around a (series 2 / 3) Factory SCP that has caused some major awful thing to occur. The Factory itself never appears.
      2. Story: Alpha-9 Op Containing Series 2 / 3 Factory SCP
    10. The UIU: Writers. Any. MAYBE DECIBELLE.
      1. The UIU is a major classic GOI with an ongoing rehabilitation. I would really, really, REALLY like to include them here. They should be compatible with current mainline canon, aka stuff by TG, Deci, Kate, others.
      2. While I don't have major UIU ideas, I think that an Alpha-9 op (probably the major one, but maybe a minor one) should either turn them against the Foundation or lead them to supporting or actively taking direct action against the Foundation, aimed at taking it down. (Decibelle & others can correct me on canon here).
      3. Story: UIU Shenanigans Yep.
    11. Other GOIs. This section takes care of other GOIs that I don't have ideas for. All these stories are optional. Some could be folded into side arcs, some could be name-dropped, some could be ignored. And some could be made major players.
      1. The Fifthists: I'd love to include them. They're fantastic. Maybe we can cajole Silber into writing something! But they're not thematically vital. Still would be great.
      2. Oneiroi Collective: I'm really intrigued by this GOI so it would be neat to include it. RESEARCH NEEDED.
      3. Herman Fuller: Would really like to cameo this one. Imagine a side-story.
      4. Manna Charitable Foundation: Could do a lot or a little; would be nice to cameo.
      5. Horizon Initiative: This is a GOI likely to be relevant. Should at least be referenced; ideas are welcome.
      6. Prometheus Labs: We could potentially do a lot here, or none.
      7. "Nobody": We could potentially do a lot here, or none. (Honestly, leaning towards 'none' because he or she thematically overlaps the Black Queen while having less to do, but could cameo.)
      8. Other: Wondertainment we cameo'd already, and there no need to include theunless we want to. Alexylva is largely alt-universe, and GRU is largely historical, so can be excluded unless we have ideas.
  4. The Enemies Within:
    1. Division Three: The current Major Villain.
      1. We're ahead of the game here on Division Three because they've already been foreshadowed. However, they still need to escalate.
      2. Story: Major Division Three Sabotage. This should come near the end of this Act, probably right after the tentpole referred to as 'Foundation's Big Mistake'. It should represent a blow against the Foundation. — Dexanote reminds me that this should probably be the payoff for "Division Three steals Foundation Data". Works perfect.
    2. Foundation Disagreement:
      1. Doctors/agents who disagree with Alpha-9. What do they do?
        1. Story: Roget's Thing Roget is working on something for this from one angle (the craaaazy angle).
        2. We might consider adding conflict via people who (1) disagree with Alpha-9 on XYZ grounds, (2) are sympathetic/heroic, and (3) need to work with Alpha-9 anyway because it's their job. This could add much-needed conflict. Lament may be good for this, but it feels early to bring him in (the following section might be better for this)
    3. In the Council: Those who disagree with Alpha-9 may do something about it. This may be limited, however, to a bit Moose has planned with O5-8 ordering Gears' assassination. It could instead be made a larger part of the storyline — or it could just be looking the other way while less highly ranked people mess with Alpha-9. (Currently, not giving this an entry because it can so easily be folded in with something else.)
  5. The End of Reality: This arc is meant to bring in larger Foundationverse questions. In this section, this storyline should first be set up. Naturally, it will eventually lead to the end of reality; this will not be directly confronted til Act 5, nor the extent of the danger fully revealed til end of Act 4.
    1. Story: Incident Zero. Writers: Clef — Clef has a large amount of this already written.
    2. The Dandelions We Blew Away: Stand-alones or multi-part stories (ala Girl's Night Out) which show universes which were previously ended by the Bloom to stave off the end of reality.
      1. Each of these stories should involve reality beginning to end in some way. Starting with our timeline, then the others. At the end of the story, the Bloom is used to reboot the timeline. (The final timeline iteration is Resurrection.)
      2. Stories optionally involve the unique story-specific requirements of the Bloom being fulfilled.
      3. Possibility: Each timeline has a version of Sophia Light, and she reboots the timeline to become an iteration of O5-2. (Not sure about this; too constricting? It's definitely the case in some versions, though. And that includes the last iteration before this one.)
      4. Story: Clef Kills Errybody. Writers: Moose
    3. The only requirement for this section is that the Bloom and scary reality ending shit has to be established (easily done enough),
  6. Other Arcs: Other things may be added here, but I'm mostly using the stuff that is either/both vital to the main arc, and stuff I know about already. Some of this may go in the Main Arc, depends on how we play it. Especially with Iris.
    1. Story: (or Stories) Iris: Her character conflicts need to be established by the end of this section. (Talk with Mann & Clef about this to iron things out — FILL IN after)
    2. Story: Kain's Projects. Establish a bunch of them, have him working with other R&D types — like Elliott, Zyn, and the Brain.
    3. Story: Able Need a story — likely just one story — which establishes him for new audiences. He is scary as fuck, dangerous as fuck, and yet the Foundation are still considering using him. (Moose & Crayne currently working on this, with stuff in the pipeline.)
    4. Foundation Life & Politicking: What's it like to be a figure within the Foundation? We have several Directors, with more to come, major researchers, etc. What's going on with them? Is there political drama — related or unrelated to Alpha-9. (Kaktus needs to write more of this, initially! Probably.)
      1. Story: Aktus, Gillespie, and other Directors. Can address the above
      2. Story: Water-Cooler Talk More of a focus on the lower-ranked/intermediate characters. Almost certainly a COLLAB. Suggested by LordDeath.
    5. Story: Remains of Omega-7: Depending on Eskobar's goals, this should do either the first, or both, of the following:
      1. Fix up All This Wandering.
      2. Story: Introduce these characters into Alpha-9. Not necessarily full integration, though that's an option, but at least an introduction.
    6. MTF Lambda-2: Lambda-2 is looking good so far, including the drafts we've established; we just need to continue onwards with them for this section. They need to be fully set up by the end of section. As such—
      1. Story: Already written LurkD Story
      2. Story: Lambda-2 is fully set up

Act Three

  1. So the GOIs have effectively declared war against the Foundation. This is generally that conflict. It finally gets resolved just as the Bowe Commission reveals itself, which will be the nadir, where the Foundation is at its lowest and most vulnerable. But at that point, they know who their new enemy is, and the other GoIs will start seeing the Bowe Commission as a greater threat than the Foundation.
  2. The turning point comes after the Bowe Commission makes its big move, with the Olympian Army.
  3. The Nadir occurs possibly at the end of this Act, possibly beginning of next one. It very likely involves the Foundation being forced to employ Able out of desperation, either before or after this. Consequences to be determined.
  4. Story: You Fight Like A Girl (GOC vs Foundation) Joking title for a story involving a confrontation between the largely female Alpha-9 team and a largely female GOC team. Story itself is not a joke; this likely represents the first major confrontation between the GOC and Alpha-9, UNLESS there's a reason for this to take place in Act Two.
  5. Story: Serpent's Hand vs Foundation
  6. Story: ORIA II
  7. Story: Broken Crusade II This involves the Crusade against the Foundation happening, probably as the Church tries to take back their holy site. (See prev. Act for more details)
  8. Story: The Insurgency Strikes Back The Insurgency attacks the Foundation again, simultaneous hits on many sites, and gets away with numerous assets, leaving the Foundation seriously weakened.
  9. Story: Black Queen II Not sure of this yet.
  10. Story: Word on the Ground How do the relatively ordinary people in the anomalous community react to this war? How do ordinary members of the Foundation?
  11. Story: Omega-7 Vets Well, they're presumably gonna be incorporated into Alpha-9; they should get some focus.
  12. Story: Bright Ends The World (Reality Breaking) Writers: Moose, others? Inspired by an alternate take on SCP-963's original form, if it were even more powerful. This furthers the whole 'dipping into alt timelines' thing.
  13. Story: [Other Reality-Breaking Storyline] Should possibly begin to set up The Unknown + other weirdness, again in a prior timeline.
  14. Story: Lambda-2 Investigates Internal Shit This should be leading towards the reveal of Division Three / Bowe, along with, optionally, other conflicts!
  15. Story: Iris II
  16. Story: Kain's Projects II Kain meets difficulties in his projects.
  17. Story: Aktus/Directors II Up to kaktus.
  18. Story: The Nadir / The Olympian Army Division Three reveals itself. Massive chaos ensues.
  19. Story: Fallout A coda to wrap things up, to sort of 'observe the devastation' after the prev. entry. Includes the Foundation deciding, in desperation, to use Able.

Act Four

  1. This is the Foundation (with some help from GoIs) going after Division Three / the Bowe Commission, ending with the BC's defeat (though not destruction, of course).
  2. GOC & Foundation may end with some form of cooperative agreement (or not).
  3. Possible: The Foundation discovers that Division Three has been hiding (and trying to fix) major holes in reality created by the Unknown.
  4. A large part of this arc involves Division Three absolutely fucking everybody up. (Destroy, Destroy, Destroy)
  5. Story: The Foundation Trying To Bounce Back The Foundation try to regain their feet. This includes trying to figure out a way to deal with Able.
  6. Story: Division Rising Division Three wishes to destroy the anomalous world, and now is the time. They decapitate the GOC first, probably cause major disasters for the Hand & MC&D & ORIA & others, and likely devastate the Church (probably just as their Crusade seemed about to succeed). They probably hit the Insurgency, too, not necessarily badly, but enough to make them put their heads back down. Generally they just fuck everyone up really, really bad.
  7. Story: Iris III
  8. Story: Kain's Projects III Kain should come up with something awesome here. This might also be a good time to reconcile w/ Adams.
  9. Story: Aktus/Directors III Up to kaktus, again.
  10. Story: Lambda 2 III [Not sure of this plot at the moment, but betting it'll have relevance]
  11. Story: [Other Reality-Breaking Storyline] Should further set up The Unknown + other weirdness, again in a prior timeline.
  12. Story: The Foundation vs Division Three Division Three, having murderized their way through the anomalous community, returns their focus to the Foundation with a vengeance, destroying a number of SCPs and causing total chaos. Alpha-9 mounts their counter-attack.
  13. Story: Final Confrontation Alpha-9 vs Division Three with the help of some GOIs. Alpha-9 should need to 'take a leap of faith' to choose to work with GOIs here to win the day here.
  14. Story: Aftermath With Division Three scattered, Alpha-9 discovers that they've been hiding many very big secrets. Some of these — like hiding massive holes in reality at a 'ground zero' in Site-19 — lead into Act 5.

Act Five

  1. Reality Breaking / End of Reality Storyline begins in earnest.
  2. The cause of this is an entity with no name, about which almost everything is Unknown. The Unknown is one of the entities in "About the SCP Foundation" — one of the things humanity huddled around fires in caves in fear of. It's grown very powerful and wants to consume and replace reality, with a reality where humankind cannot think their way out of their caves ever again. The Foundation has been trying to escape it
  3. This will largely list the bare minimum entries. This is by far the most likely to change structurally, but we do know the ending!
  4. Possibility for additional conflict: Working on a plea from Cain, part of Alpha-9 temporarily splits off and defects to try to stop the end of the world, after the Foundation tries to shut them down. The rest of Alpha-9 is assigned to hunt them down — including Cain…
  5. Story: [Final Reality-Breaking Flashback] The last iteration of the timeline before THIS iteration occurs. Alpha-9 exists, fulfills the Bloom's horrifying requirements to reboot the universe, and ends up in an End of Hamlet Style total party kill. Only Light and Cain survive… and they make a plea to Cain, before the end… and then the universe reboots, one final time.
  6. Story: The End Is Nigh Establishes firmly that the end of reality is fast approaching.
  7. Story: SCP-1985 Alpha-9 Op 1 Exploring an apocalypse timeline to find more about the Unknown.
  8. Story: SCP-1985 Alpha-9 Op 2 Exploring an apocalypse timeline, finding a bit more about the Unknown.
  9. Story: SCP-1985 Alpha-9 Op 3 Exploring an apocalypse timeline where the Unknown has completely taken over. Horror ensues.
  10. Story: Reality Breaking Down Alpha-9 ops to try to confront this horror, and fail miserably.
  11. Possible Story: Schism Part 1; Story: Schism Part 2; Story: On The Run Part 1; Story: On The Run Part 2 — largely this is where I put the sequence if we have such a split at all.
  12. Story: Cain & Able It had to happen sometime.
  13. Story: The Insurgency Tempts The Foundation The Insurgency offers the Foundation help to destroy the reality-ending menace. All they have to do is… well, go along with the Insurgency's terrible plans for the world.
  14. Story: Alpha-9 & GOC & Serpent's Hand With little choice left, three unlikely groups collaborate to deal with the possible coming end of reality.
  15. Story: Confrontation 1; Story: Confrontation 2; Story: Confrontation 3 The Foundation choose to confront the Unknown, rather than once again trying to run (by resetting the world, etc). Almost definitely a multi-part story.
  16. Story: Containment Works as a coda to this particular storyline. The Unknown is contained — in its peculiar way — and the Foundation temporarily enters into a new equilibrium and balance of power with the other GoIs.