It begins

LK Xem woke up with a jolt. "Holy fuck" Xem said, rubbing their temples and exhaling, "What was in that shit? Did they fucking drug me?"
Xem looked around. Shit, they had fallen asleep in the library – and during the assignment no less!
"No time to waste then!" Xem picked up their amulet, feeling its warmth in their palms for a second. It was painful, their hand throbbed and felt like it was on fire – and yet it felt calming, almost comfortable…
Xem couldn't focus on that right now though, they had a mission!
Xem stormed off into the halls of the library, clambering through endless hallways, looking for something hidden.
They took a deep breath as a minute later they found it, a small bright pink star. One of the few that had not been lost to darkness, a light that still shone. It was barely contained within a small glass cylinder, emitting smoke that went through the walls.
Great! Now to get this back to the boss man and-
Shit, the second they took a step, they landed in a street with several buildings.
Flesh coated the area, veins stretching everywhere – there was only one person besides Xem.
Although this person looked more like a machine.
Xem hid themself to avoid being found and activated their comm.
"Hey Tam! Plans fucked, think I may have landed in a Nälkä vs Mekhanite Turf war or somethin'. May need to hide here until I can be certain that I'm safe."

A man, who looked more machine than man, waited outside the building – His name is Johnathan Thaum.
He leaned against his car, arms folded across his chest, his eyes scanning each person walking by. After a solid hour, Johnathan got tired of waiting and adjusted his trilby. The doors creaked open in a way that would make someone with emotions scared.
Johnathan had to admit, even as a man of iron, he was still nervous about this. Working with a sarkicist was against his nature as a mekhanite. Karcists in particular had a nasty reputation.
This was the kind of guy who could rip John's head from his shoulders if he wasn't careful. Granted, Johnathan knew exactly how to get what he wanted – and if anything went pear shaped he had a gun on him, but still. He was nervous.
The building was no different than any other building around town, if a bit more rustic. 18th century paintings on the wall, a velvety carpet, and smooth jazz on the record player.
This, of course, was not what Johnathan came for. He pressed a notch on the back of his head and for a moment everything went red.
When he finally came through, the house was much different than before.
Red flesh covered the walls, veins trailed across the area, a skull mounted on the wall was now alive. Dear god, it looked like something out of a horror movie. At the center of it all was Karcist Kv'ileis.

Kv'ileis looked much different than Johnathan expected him to. He had a long dress with warm colors, long braided hair, and eyes that would look a lot prettier if he had fewer of them. "Good evening.." Kv'ileis spoke in a voice that was a scar on the universe itself "How are you? I assume you came for-" He trailed off as he noticed Johnathan staring. "Ah, you're wondering why I almost look like a person, correct? Lets say i didn't want to make a bad impression." Kv'ileis strode toward johnathan, baring his rows of teeth. "With that out of the way, we will discuss business." Kv'ileis smiled and grabbed Johnathans hand, leading him down the hall. Johnathan was about 99% more sure that Kv'ileis wanted to kill him now, but followed anyways.