Mr. Anakin Spectre
  • A man named Charleton is wandering with his companion, Lawrence, when they discover something amazing.
  • Set in the future.
  • World has not ended, just continued.
  • Foundation is buried under sand.
  • What is considered the most advanced technology currently has been lost.
  • They discover Site blank, number designation has been worn away by sand.
  • They are treasure-hunters— looking for lost technology that is worth a small fortune to science in their time.
  • Set up camp and dig, eventually discovering entrance to the site. It is untouched by time, though anything that once lived inside it has died, SCPs and scientists alike.
  • They find papers chronicling the various SCPs that existed.
  • They agree that all of these objects would have their children and their children's children set for life financially if they decide to go out and find them.
  • Character development happens, maybe something with them finding living quarters of dead scientists and getting all emo about it because I guess people like that?
  • Ends with Charleton and Lawrence saying good-bye.

The sun's light was reflecting on the backs of two men. One collapsed, tripping over something under the rolling dunes. The other bent to help him to his feet, and both were swallowed by the desert.

One bright morn, I met a man, a man of simplicity.
I had walked along the market when his eyes did find me.
We shared a common passion, burning brightly, him and I,
to explore this wretched wasteland and endure— deified.
He a poor merchant, and I a man of class,
made a pact together that no sane man could pass.
We would set out by the light of dawn,
to seek those hidden; support our spawn.

Ahh, but this desert is cruel, and someone must have cast,
some sort of curse, for on this day, my companion's fading fast.
He stumbled, quite literally, upon all we'd hoped and more,
but not without a consequence, and not without abhor.
It seems here hates us, this house of sterile steel,
for everywhere we try and rest, I cannot help but feel
terrified and horrified and all such other things,
because I fear this paradise isn't all it sings.

We came here seeking fortune, to make a better way,
but how can we accomplish this if we have but one more day?
This place is timeless, a relic of days long ago.
But the splendors of the ancient man have played for us a show.
Fantastic things lie here, beyond the wisest's dreams.
It is so vast and nebulous, and like ripples upon streams,
keeps growing and flowing, revealing itself,
the more we tug its seams.

Yes, I have a good hope in me
that the man, the man of simplicity,
will turn out to be
a man of more complex personality.
For if he isn't, then I do fear
that death, not treasure, awaits us here.