Mr. Gallop

Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? is contained in a quarantined area of Sector 6 in Site-117. All personnel, excluding D-class personnel, coming into contact with Sector 6 are to be wearing protective earplugs to ensure SCP-????’s anomalous properties do not manifest in personnel. Six D-class personnel must be provided every week to SCP-????’s area to prolong SCP-????’s idle state while security personnel are to escort any SCP-XXXX-1 instances to be destroyed properly. If SCP-????-1 instances attempt to breach containment, MTF Pau-5 “Retard Snakes” are to be deployed to ensure that SCP-???? remains in containment. MTF Courage-9 “Orion” is to provide reinforcements if MTF Pau-5 are unable to reestablish containment. If SCP-???? or any SCP-????-1 instances breach containment, MTF Pau-5 is to initiate Procedure “Spooked” and reestablish containment to ensure that a CE End-of-the-World event does not occur.

Description: SCP-???? is a human skeleton currently 6 feet in height with a dominantly male skull shape. SCP-????’s appearance includes a darker tone of surface area, the letters “AG” imprinted on the exterior of its forehead and scalp, a slight underbite, constant dancing and exaggerated movement, and sockets that reflect 200% of all light, resulting in eye damage of anyone looking directly at SCP-????’s sockets. SCP-????’s anomalous properties manifest every Tuesday night at a random time, although most accounts have shown that SCP-???? becomes active between the hours of 6:30 PM and 7:25 PM. Between these times, SCP-???? will become active and through unknown means will begin to sing1 lyrics from Andrew Gold’s Spooky Scary Skeletons for approximately 2 hours before becoming aggressive. If SCP-???? is not exposed to a human within an hour of its active time, SCP-???? will breach containment2 and attempt to convert any human it can find into an instance of SCP-????-1 before finally becoming docile again after converting 6 humans if it cannot find any other living beings. If any living being is exposed to SCP-????’s singing, they will become paralyzed, before [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in the creation of an instance of SCP-????-1 and leaving the victim a [DATA EXPUNGED] still conscious after the removal of their skeleton. Victims will decay rapidly in this form, usually disintegrating within three hours. If a victim disintegrates, SCP-????-1 instances will become fully developed SCP-????-2 instances. SCP-????-1 instances are skeletons that sing a similar song to SCP-????-1, albeit higher pitched and nasal, but sharing the same effects as SCP-???? if they are within 5 meters of a living being. SCP-????-1 and are usually reserved as backup singers in an area that SCP-???? is not present in. If SCP-???? is able to create an instance of SCP-????-1, the song will have its duration reset and have an additional 6 minutes added to the duration and additional volume will be added to the song. SCP-????-1 instances are capable of bending into shapes not usually possible for a skeleton, such as xylophones, harps and even drumsticks. SCP-????-1 instances are able to continuously move while missing 96% of their body. SCP-????-2 instances possess a darker tone of exterior similar to appearance of SCP-????, while also possessing the exact anomalous capabilities such as indestructibility and the ability of singing and dancing in a tone mirroring that of SCP-????, while also retaining the anomalous capabilities of SCP-????-1. SCP-????-2 instances cannot be destroyed3 and will independently roam ~~passively following any living being it can find at a slow pace~~4 in any area not currently occupied by another instance of SCP-???? while singing Andrew Gold’s Spooky Scary Skeletons and sharing the exaggerated movement and intervals of dancing as SCP-????. If SCP-???? becomes docile, all instances of SCP-????-2 will gather around SCP-???? and resume singing and dancing until SCP-???? becomes active again.

Date of Discovery: June 4th, 2011, [REDACTED], California. SCP-???? converted 75% of the population of [REDACTED] before Foundation Personnel were able to intercept. All instances of SCP-????-1 destroyed before transitioning into instances of SCP-????-2 with the exception of ███ instances. SCP-????-1 instances that successfully transitioned into SCP-????-2. Class A amnestics provided to the surrounding areas via aerial delivery, false memories implanted and all media coverage successfully intercepted.

To those adding “died to a meme” in the obituaries of personnel MIA due to SCP-????, shut the hell up. No one cares if you’re joking, it’s absolutely idiotic and completely disrespects the efforts made to ensure the entire state of California wasn’t turned into a pile of rotting flesh that would slowly take the entire region. Anyone caught vandalizing the obituaries will suffer a severe pay decrease and a firm punch to the jaw. That includes you, Gallop. —Head Researcher Hyde.