Item #:SCP - 3202

Object class: keter

SCP - 3202 containment procedures: SCP - 3202 is to be kept in a brightly lit room at all times. When entering SCP - 3202's containment you must be wearing all black to avoid being noticed by this SCP. Only one person can enter this containment at a time.


Description: SCP - 3202 is very similar to any other person's shadow, but has chains it holds at all times. These chains appear to act like snakes when catching their target. SCP - 3202 is almost never seen due to its affinity to hide in dark places when startled or provoked during the day so containment is problematic. If seen during night, however, this SCP is highly dangerous and aggressive. It will usually try to lure you towards it by acting like a family member or pet. Once SCP - 3202 catches a person it chains up the shadow of said person and then possesses their body. Once done the person then becomes a shadow slavor themselves. Sounds of dragging chains or gurgling can be faintly heard before mimicry is used by this SCP. SCP - 3202 is said to change its shadowy appearance depending on who looks at it. When SCP - 3202 discards of its previous body that body instantly disintegrates into Ash. Any person caught by SCP - 3202 cannot be saved.