Mr Thomas

The Foundation went public a while back, and when I say this, I mean the public learned only that they were there, and that they had no intention of going anywhere anytime soon. No one outside the Foundation knows their motives for going public, but it's the common consensus that it was an accident. Everything changed. People rioted in the streets, they raved that they had been betrayed by their governments! Or at least, that's what I've been told.

It's been so long since then, long before I was born anyway. I've been told that people were scared at first, but soon, they realized that their fear was silly and irrational. They Foundation is so helpful after all! They protect us from "The anomalies." So when one day, years ago, we woke to find Agents going door-to-door telling us to stay inside, who were we to question them? They had always been so kind and helpful after all. So we did. So I went in, and got myself a drink of water. That's all I really remember about that day, the rest is foggy. I don't think much happened then.

Early next morning the Agents came by handing out tickets to big events as compensation for keeping us inside yesterday! They really are such considerate people. It's a shame though, I don't remember much of the performance that night… I woke up the next morning in my bed with a pamphlet titled "UP, AND YOU" The pamphlet had a lot of information about the dangers of looking up. Icicles, meteors, ect… At the bottom there was a notice saying that for our own safety, the action of looking skyward was now illegal, and would be punished by termination. It may seem harsh, but everyone knows it was just for they had the best intentions in mind. To this day, no one has looked up. Or at least, no one has said they did.

The foundation told us: "Don't look at the sky" So we listened. The Foundation had never been wrong before, why shouldn't we obey them now? They told the same thing to our parents, their parents, and everyone as far back as anyone can remember. No one ever questioned the Foundation's motives or their orders. They always had the best intentions!

But today… I did. I wondered what they didn't want us to see. So I ran. I ran far and I ran fast. I outran all the agents that tried to follow me. I ran until I was alone. And then, I looked up. I looked to the sky to see what it was they were hiding from us! I saw nothing. There wasn't anything up there! Can you believe it? Not a thing in the sky. What could they have possibly not wanted us to see?

It was silly of me to think that the Foundation was hiding something from us. I think they just didn't want us to be bored when we looked up there.

I know I was

1543J-2 Activity log, 2/21/████

15:33 Target showed slightly erratic behavior. Continuing testing as scheduled.

16:03 Unexpected solar flare. Determined harmless, but testing postponed until further notice.

17:32 Second new solar flare sighted. Abnormal Ultraviolet radiation recorded. Information relayed to Foundation HQ. Awaiting further instructions.

19:42 Three more solar flares sighted. A substantial growth in Ultraviolet & Gamma radiation observed. Information relayed to HQ.
Note: Crew is getting agitated… Solar-shield generator has been initiated. Still awaiting response from HQ…

19:58 Observation has reported similar activity on other stars. Shuttle discharged with a course to earth for further orders.

20:18 Reports are coming in of a "Super flare" that has disconnected from the surface of the sun and formed what appears to be a ring around it.
Note: My god!!! It's falling apart!!! -Researcher T█████

20:48 Second "Super flare" sighted. Initiating code red! First "Super flare" has now fully formed around the sun and appears to be self sustaining at the moment.

20:59 Second ring fully connected, forming an X shape with the first ring around the sun. Nigh-exactly the same behavior reported on all other visible stars.

21:00 Proposal for operation "Hyperion's Haven" approved by O5 council.

21:10 Construction started.

23:35 Solar-shield amplifier completed.

23:59 1543J-2 makes landfall.

24:00 Spontaneous solar collapse on all visible stars.
Note: HOLY SHIT!!!

24:05 Amplifier initiated.

24:15 First waves hit earth. Widespread temperature increase reported.

24:23 Massive solar radiation bombardment. Extreme destruction endured.

24:35 Solar shield fully charged. Initiating…

24:36 Solar shield successfully erected.
Note: What happened…?

End log.