Item #: SCP-2144

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2144 Must be contained in a locked 12 x 12 foot steel walled room with a bed, TV, and a book (being change when SCP-2144-1 is done reading the book). SCP-2144 must be kept in a 8 x 8 inch glass case that is locked and can only be opened bye lockpicking or by SCP-005.

Description: SCP-2144 is a red D8 Dungeons and Dragons dice that is 1 centimeter big in height and length. When roled has a higher chance of landing on a range of 1-4 on the dice. If SCP-2144 lands on 5, 6, 7,or 8, if the subject turns around there will be a box containing a item that from the subjects memories that he/she lost. If SCP-2144 lands on 1-4 a humanoid figure that is around 5 foot tall, wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and a gas mask will attack the subject with a random blunt weapon that doctors do not know how or where SCP-2144-1 gets the weapon nor do they know how he gets in through the locked door.

Any D-Class personal entering must not have an item in hand nor should hold the dice if SCP-2144-1 attacks.

SCP-2144-1 doesn't have any head nor face inside the gas mask yet she can still talk and has a IQ of 219 from test results. When a D-class enters SCP-2144 containment and roles low SCP-2144-1 will ask questions about the subjects life and then attacks the subject with a blunt weapon as told earlier. After attacking and killing the subject SCP-2144-1 will stay and relax for around 3 hours.

Interviewed:D-Class personal that survived an attack by SCP-2144-1
Interviewed:Dr. █ █ █ █ █ █
<Begin Log
Interviewer:Hello, can you explain your experience with SCP-2144-1?
Subject:I don't know man, it…it was horrifying, just that gas mask while it was yelling at me.
Interviewer:Can you explain what he was yelling?
Person:He just kept going aaaahhh and thats all he said.
Interviewer:Was any english or words involved?
Person:He did say mother fucker i will beat your ass down ,but he never did
Interviewer:** How did you manage to dodge SCP-2144-1's attacking?
Person:All i did was keep dodging his moves, but i did get hit. You just have to make new dodges and moves because he know a lot of tactics with dodging
Interviewer:Alright, thank you for your time
**<End Log,

Closing Statement:We let D-2152 go in again, but he was beat down with a crowbar and he was killed.

Test A - May 16th

Subject: D-3582
Procedure:Rolling SCP-2144 and landing on a high number.
Results:Rolled a seven and got a dusty watch.
Analysis:D-3582 lost his dad's watch when he was 6.

Test B - August 3rd

Subject: D-2037
Procedure:Was gave a slice of cake and told to role low.
Results:Roled a 3 and SCP-2144-1 took the cake and choked D-2037 and repetivly hit with a wooden baseball bat till the baseball bat broke.
Analysis:SCP-2144-1 can also used items on the subject.