A Box At The Foot Of A Wall

"I'm not going to do that. I'm sorry, but after the Sixer breached containment last week. After he rampaged up to my office killing three people on his way there. After I barricaded my own door against him After I advised the incoming Task Force on the best possible point of entry. And after I hijacked the HAVAC system to distract him long enough for the Task Force to get control of the situation. After all that, I decided something. I dont need you."

Dr. Charlotte Ebson looked at the Junior Researcher from over a stack of neatly folded papers.

"I'm not sure what you mean, Isaiah, you'll have to elaborate."

"When I came here, you were already waiting for me. You showed me everything we kept in our cells, you assigned me to every project I ever worked on. You taught me to say "Scip" instead of "Anomaly" and how to get free candy bars from the snack machine. But I've outgrown you. More-so, I have surpassed you."

He had walked closer and began to lean over Ebson's desk. "You are a mediocre containment specialist and a positively poor mentor. It is time I overthrew you."

His hands were now planted firmly on the light lemon-wood surface as domineered over the quiet Doctor. "I've been talking to the Site Director, and I finally realised just how badly you need to be replaced."

Charrlotte did her best to avoid eye contact with the sly grinned face above her. She looked at objects on her desk until the raw encroachment on his body demanded she attempt to repel him.

"Isaiah, I understand what you are staying, but I have seen this before. You are start up, and you are ambitious but there is no reason to-"

"Stop" Isaiah turned away from her and his pale coat fluttered behind him. "I will not hear your attempts to convince me that I am being irrational. Or, that your presence in the Foundation is in away necessary or needed."

Charlotte stared at him for another few moments, sizing up the demeanour of his swagger to determine if he was actually serious. After a brief assessment, she let out a tired sigh. She knew this would happen eventually. But, this she had hopped for a little more time, just a little. "And you? You are what the Foundation needs?"

He strode the doorless exit on the other side of the room. "Yes, I am." He remarked. "I know what the world needs, I can save it. You are the last of a dying breed, Charlotte. Fools who thought that you could wrest control from the dark places on this earth with your petty cages and meaningless leashes. But I know. I know that deviation and survival go hand in hand. I will stare the darkness and I will smile. I will smile because I understand that to kill a monster, we must rear monsters greater." Isaiah was standing just under the arch out of the room, he turned his shoulder once last time to regard Dr. Epson and witness her reaction.

He had anticipated any great number of things. He had thought she may yell at him before he had even finished his full adresse and expel him from her office. In a futile attempt to reject her the notion of her own relevance.

He had expected she might give him a long monolog about how she trained him up from nothing and saw something special in him when no one else had. He had sworn that he would not give her pointless sentiment any mind.

He had even secretly hoped that she would cry and beg. Beg to be allowed to remain in her comfortable position besides her own recognition of superiority of newer, fresher individuels.

As Dr. Isaiah Lane turned his shoulder he witnessed his boss softly chuckling to herself as her eyes scanned his form. She looked elsewhere for a moment and then returned her gaze to him, only to erupt into another fit of subdued giggles.

"So what?" The word 'what' landed heavy and solid on her hardwood desk. Charlotte's voice had changed, her study New-York accent was slipping through. "You're gonna go over my head and try and get promoted into my position?"

Isaiah stood exceedingly still for a moment while he reconciled the total lack of intimidation from his opponent. For a moment, he felt a tiny twitch somewhere in his sternum that made him want to leave right then and get this usurious bitch out of what would soon be his office. The twitch made him feel like gloating was stupid, and that he should have just done this without telling her. It didn't make any difference of course. No, of course not. He felt himself inch towards the hallway, but something in Ebson's expressing demanded he stay.

"Yes." He said.

She looked away, and silently mouthed 'goodluck'. Isaiah felt all the confidence and passion rush back over him at once. He stamped his next step out of the office.

"Stop by my office, tomorrow." She shouted out the exit. He could here the grin in her voice. "So I can turn over the keys, Dr. Lane."

That last sentence was laced with a bitter, acrid sarcasm. He could hear her laughing now. His steps thudded all the way to the Site Director's office.

Dr. Ebson laid back in her comfortable cushioned office chair, still smiling at the performance put on the prestigious, indomitable, masterful Dr. Isaiah Lane.

It was hard not to laugh. With the way he had tried to lay out his string of insults while trying his hardest to keep his voice from cracking. The way she spoke about 'darkness' would have made you believe he was the villain in a student film! It put Skeletor to shame!

She fiddled with a lock of her curly, ebony hair. She knew that he would eventually delude himself into thinking he could do her job better then she could, but she never could have anticipated he would be quite so pompous!

God, he unironically used the word 'overthrow'! How did he expect her to respond!? Et tue Isaiah?

Dr. Lane has been promoted to Containment specialist and, in other news, the the Lizard is dead and hell has frozen over!

She smiled and stared at the ceiling until the amusement from his showing wore off and she had to begin preparations for what was sure to be a difficult Thursday. Isaiah had always been a decent researcher, but she knew this would happen eventually. He would always mouth off or make some sny remark whenever he was asked to do something out of the way.

Charrlotte knew he would eventually decide that authority was too inconvenient. He would go see the site director, and the site director would insist he attend our meeting tomorrow. She knew this would all happen eventually, but she had still wished that she would have had more time.

He was, still though, a decent researcher, so she might as well tell him the truth. After all, what was the point if she didn't? Assuming Isaiah believed all the lies he's been fed, he may actually believe he would make a good containment specialist!

The truth was a cold, cruel thing and maybe if he knew it, he could have understood why he still needed her.

However, the inevitable fact was the he didn't have the stomach for it. None of them did.

At that time tomorrow, Isaiah Lane stood suspiciously in the same doorway he had stormed out of, with a crossed brow and mildly clenched fists.

Charlotte waited for him to enter. Flipping her gaze between the small monitor on the left hand side of her table and her young reluctant detractor.

"I think you'll want to see what I have to show you Isaiah."

"No." He sounded just as incredulous as yesterday, but also begrudging that he had been ordered to attend this meeting.

"I really think you'll want to see this."

He huffed and remained firmly planted under the arch.

Charlotte sighed as she turned the screen around so that it was facing her reluctant detractor. She had made sure to reduce the resolution just enough that he would need to move closer to see what was going on.

Her plan worked. Isaiah squinted his eyes at the screen before slowly walking closer. She reacted by pressing the black button under her desk, activating the silently falling panels on the doorway, and sealing the room's only exit.

Getting closer, Dr. Lane realised the monitor was displaying a monochrome camera feed. Standing in an almost empty room were five figures. And something bulky with blinking lights in the corner. Isaiah couldn't identity exactly who the figures were but through the grainy image he could make out that four were wearing long white coats, and the one in the center wore a bright orage jump suit with a similarly tinted bag over its head.

The speaker squeaked to life:

"This time is nine-thirty-two, on the twenty third of-" Followed out by a long beep signiling the presence of redacted information.

"Following a breech of contract by-" Another beep. "-in the matter of the compensated containment of SCP-" Yet another beep. "-the Foundation Treasury Commission has deemed it necessary to carry out the following procedures. Witnessing are Containment Specialist To Site-33, Natalie Zeta, Researcher Philip Simpson and Director Of Site-134; Emmanuel Drobocky. Carrying out procedure is Agent Lillian Duggery. Overseeing procedure is Containment Specialist To Site-134 and Vice President Of Foundation Treasury; Charlotte Ebson."

"SCP-" Beep. "-is currently in a sedated state in oder to insure an unproblematic execution of procedure. SCP-" Beep." has been informed of nature of this procedure and has been allowed the Foundation Ethical Commission mandated two week notice."

"Agent Duggery, please begin procedure."