MrNerdJack's SCP's

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Description: SCP-XXXX is a reptilian-humanoid entity that resides in a suburban house located in █████, █████. The creature uses the house as a gateway through dimensions. The creature is completely invisible until a person is inside the master bedroom of the house.

SCP-XXXX has the shape of a human-iguana hybrid that stands on two feet and is the height of an average human.

When a person enters the master bedroom it is reported they will feel symptoms of fatigue, paranoia, dyspnea and eventually hyperventilation. When sleeping in the room, it is observed that SCP-XXXX begins to appear, however SCP-XXXX has a light-reflective suit that makes it nearly invisible and can only be seen in infrared.

SCP-XXXX is not instinctively hostile and only observes subjects as they sleep, standing over them.

It is known that SCP-XXXX has a defensive mechanism in which it’ll paralyze any life forms if it is seen directly by them, and destroys any technology if it is provoked. It releases victims after it leaves this dimension, before any harm is done. However, the creature does not use this defense mechanism with children as reported in an incident before the foundation was contacted.

The first incident of this paralyzing defense mechanism was recorded in a test when Subject D-█████ saw SCP-XXXX after waking up from REM sleep.

When paralyzed, muscles are locked, but vital organs continue to work, however longer periods of being paralyzed has reported to cause intense pain in the stomach with intense migraines as well as asphyxia. However, the subject is always released before death.

SCP-XXXX has been recorded to communicate in an unknown language. Radios nearby SCP-XXXX also experience malfunctions until SCP-XXXX leaves this dimension. This suggests, that SCP-XXXX is using radio frequencies to transmit, however the motive is unknown. Attempted contact with SCP-XXXX have been unsuccessful.

SCP-XXXX has shown awareness that it is being watched by security cameras, but the paralyzing defense mechanism is only used with direct eye contact. When first seeing the security cameras, SCP-XXXX began speaking in an unknown language then turned back to the sleeping subject.

Efforts to contain SCP-XXXX have also been unsuccessful, as any agents entering the master bedroom when the creature is visible will be instantly paralyzed. The foundation has since been monitoring the house and has supplied some tests to further understand the creature.

SCP-XXXX was first reported after an elderly woman died of a heart attack in the master bedroom with her hands in a praying position. The woman, ████████████, also had family members in the home who began to report a creature in the house. The creature never caused physical harm except for ███████████████, who also lived in the home, when the creature struck her, leaving a gash across her face. This is the only known incident of hostility from the creature.

Research on SCP-XXXX is still ongoing, but the creature has shown to not leave house and has never been reported to go outside of the house. Further tests will need to be conducted to see how far SCP-XXXX can go. Tests are also being conducted to see if there is a way to counteract SCP-XXXX’s paralyzing agent so that it may be contained.