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SCP-XXXX-I-76, extracted from the late Max Deafeux's personal phone

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber within the E Wing of Site-132. It is to be fed a Standard Diet and given time for recreational activity. (for complete details pertaining to treatment of the entity, refer to document XXXX-R-01) Male personnel are not to interact with SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is allowed to engage in a limited romantic relationship with D-Class personnel scheduled for termination. Said personnel are limited to interaction with SCP-XXXX for two hours a day, three times a week, for a period no longer than 30 days (in accordance with standards set by the Ethics Committee). D-Class assigned to SCP-XXXX are notified of its properties and are given a provisional supplement to offset atrophy. At the end of the encounter, D-Class are treated with amnestics.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous human female currently held at Site-132. SCP-XXXX-I refers to the various forms of media (text, images, videos, etc.) attributed to SCP-XXXX and the late Max Deafaux.

The entity exhibits an effect on those who engage in an intimate relationship with it. The subject gradually goes under a state of atrophy, beginning with fat and muscle, then organs and bone. As the subject continues to decay, SCP-XXXX shows improved signs of health; if at sufficient health, SCP-XXXX becomes more physically attractive in proportion to the affected subject.

If SCP-XXXX does not have a romantic partner, it will slowly undergo a state of atrophy and experience the same effects its subject would experience.

SCP-XXXX was in an intimate relationship with former Junior Researcher Max Deafaux between 11/07/2016 and 02/08/2017. Throughout its course, Deafux underwent various anomalous effects, attributed to SCP-XXXX. The extent of Deafaux's atrophic transformation was believed to be caused by a non-anomalous disease; this has now been disproven, as shown in the following logs in Addendum X.

Max Deafaux was provisionally hired at Site-132 and was responsible for organizing data and submitting documentation for several SCP objects. He worked for a total of 5 months at the site before being laid off; he died several weeks after. He was commemorated posthumously for aiding in the discovery of the entity.

Addendum X: The following are selected SCP-XXXX-I excerpts. These convey the extent of the personnel and entity's relationship, as well as the steady atrophy of Deafaux. For full excerpts, refer to SCP-XXXX-Log-I.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX's anomalous effect was discovered after a Junior Researcher at Site-132 received a message from former personnel Max Deafaux. An excerpt below:

M.Dea: I don't have much time, john. I'm due to die any day. thers this girl I found online ... she has the power to slowly kill others thousands of miles away. she killed me. I know it sounds crazy, but send someone here. my phone has everything you guys need to know. idk who she is. she needs to be stopped. pls.

Max Deafaux expired shortly after sending the message. Several personnel arrived at the Medical Wing and an autopsy was performed. The cause of death was attributed to organ failure; Deafaux's mobile phone was confiscated and the contents of SCP-XXXX-I were scrutinized to determine the validity of the late personnel's claim. Of note is that Deafaux's remains were decaying at an accelerated rate, despite efforts to preserve said remains.

PoI-FB4923 (later to be classified SCP-XXXX) was determined to be the cause of Deafaux's anomalous cachexia. PoI-FB4923 was to be traced and apprehended.

Personnel posed as the late Deafaux in an effort to retrieve more information on the entity. Some excerpts below:

deafaux: Hello? Is anyone here?
nekonekoninaboo: Woag
Kevin5270: You're back??
deafaux: Lol yea. It seems my condition has lessened up. I may have a chance now.
shinobu21: Wb deafaux.
deafaux: Anyways, lemme cut to the chase ... has anyone seen kat?
antwonclamon: She hasn't been on.
deafaux: Yeah, I figured as much.
deafaux: I have a question about her.
deafaux: It never occurred to me until now, but where does she live?
nekonekoninaboo: oh that's easy xD
nekonekoninaboo: france
deafaux: You sure?
nekonekoninaboo: yes
Kevin5270: ^^
Kevin5270: Nina has known her longer than any of us, so she should know.
darlingprincess: Oh
deafaux: Kat, what a surprise.
darlingprincess: ...
darlingprincess: You
darlingprincess: Are
darlingprincess: Actually
darlingprincess: Alive
nekonekoninaboo: awwwkkkwwaaarrrd

deafaux: Hey shinobu, can you help me with something?
shinobu21: Kat says I'm not allowed to talk with you.
deafaux: Why would she say that?
shinobu21: She said you're not to be trusted.
deafaux: That hurts. After all we've been through ...
shinobu21: Yes, it seems that she wants to distance herself from you now.
deafaux: Well ... would you mind helping me anyway?
shinobu21: I'll try my best.

deafaux: Yo Kevin. Mind if I ask you something?
deafaux: Kevin?

deafaux: Antwon, how have you been?
deafaux: Hello?
deafaux: Hey Antwon.
deafaux: Sorry for wasting your time.

deafaux: Hi nina.
nekonekoninaboo: Sorry darling
nekonekoninaboo: Deafaux
nekonekoninaboo: Whoever you are
nekonekoninaboo: It's just me

PoI-FB4923 was found in Toulouse, France after compiling information found through the contents of SCP-XXXX-I, in addition to the limited information extracted from the only remaining user, shinobu21.

The entity was apprehended and sent back to Site-132 to undergo classification. After interviewing and testing, PoI-FB4923, known as Katherine Serre, was classified as SCP-XXXX.

Interview Logs: A number of interviews were conducted with SCP-XXXX to determine the source of its anomalous properties. Notable interviews are listed below:

In the world of Black, people have no name.

The grey night skyline glistened as hordes of villagers carried embers on a stick. The air held a solemn state, as black soil stained their feet. They marched relentlessly to the outskirts of their village, where the source of their turmoil resided. As they reached their destination, the members held their breath and trembled in fright. This turmoil was the exception to the Rule of The World of Black, for he was the only member to have a name.

It was hardly a name, but rather an expression carried by members universally.


He was praised like a pile of feces. The infamous man was banished from his village, after an earthquake destroyed it. Every eight days, the village would gather in prayer and praise the gods. The senile and frail man was always too tired to pray. His lack of contribution aided in the destruction, and the villagers deemed it fit to exile an unholy man. His absent stench brought peace to the village again. But now there was another problem.

The door boomed inside the old man's dimly lit home. He wrestled with his bed sheets in an attempt to scramble for the door. In his entanglement, the rapping on the door grew louder. Before the man could escape, the barrier between him and the world was knocked down.

The air grew tense as the villagers towered over the man. The light on their torches revealed an ugly sight. Their bodies were covered in putrid black spots, that oozed if touched with the weight of a feather. Their feet were calloused and blistered. Their faces were mixed with anguish and rage.


It was the expression the man was greeted with, despite the villagers cadaverous conditions. The senile and frail man was too tired to resist. In the center of the mob was a villager with a wicked grin: the chief. His grin shifted to a stern glare as he met eyes with the man. Eww responded back in bewilderment.

Several villagers held him by the arms, taunting him with the flames of their torches. The air lifted into a sense of elation as the villagers carried him out, towards The Pit.

The Pit was located beyond the outskirts of the village, towards a plain. The villagers braved it as their feet began to cross into rocky terrain. The villagers pumped their fists into the air. The flames of their torches danced in the night.

Upon reaching The Pit, the villagers dangled the man over the bottomless hole. The man, half distraught, half somber watched with teary eyes as the vision of the villagers grew increasingly smaller. Darkness surrounded him. The men triumphed. The women, disgusted. The riddance of the man augured a new found peace among the villagers. He was no more.