Draft: SCP-XXXX (Pandoras sarcophagi) description

Description: SCP-XXXX is the collective designation given to a number of 117 identical sarcophagi, constructed out of an unknown material, each individually designated SCP-XXXX-001 through -117, located in a hidden tomb beneath the ancient city of [redacted] in Mexico. The lids of 93 of these sarcophagi are opened, the other 24 remain closed up until this date. Each opened instance of SCP-XXXX can be moved and will posses no abnormalitys whatsoever, whereas each unopend instance of SCP-XXXX will be held together by an unknown force. These sarcophagi cannot be opened, moved or destroyed by any means. Trying to do so by force will result in [redacted].

Embedded into the lid of each instance of SCP-XXXX is a moving array of 8 rings, all constructed out of the same material as SCP-XXXX. Each ring has a small black dot on them, indicating the position and speed the ring is moving. The array seems to serve as some form of time indication similar to that of a standart mechanical clock but constructed to measure time on astronomical levels. The outmost ring takes exactly 24 hours to comlete one full circle. Each following ring takes exactly 100 times the time of the former ring to complete a circle. The innermost ring therefore takes roughly 274 billion years to complete a full circle and align with the dots on the other rings. Strangely the array does not seem to have any form of clockwork or other mechanism that would enable such precise timing or even locomotion at all.

Once all the dots on one instance of SCP-XXXX are aligned. The lid will open autonomously and fall to the ground. This event can not be prevented by any means. The inside of SCP-XXXX will always be completely empty. It is noteworthy, that even though the lid is opened, the clock-like construction will keep on moving, making it possible to exactly pin down the date of the opening for each instance of SCP-XXXX. Every time an instance of SCP-XXXX opens or has opened an event which is more or less severe but always catastrophic in nature takes place or begins. These events do not follow any pattern and seem to be totally random both in time and type and are in no ways related to one another. These events thus far include but are not limited to:

-The terrorist attacks on [redacted] ██.██.20██ (SCP-XXXX-090)
-The first human infected with the █████ ████████████████-virus ██.██.1981 (SCP-XXXX-085)
-The start of World War II 09.01.1939 (SCP-XXXX-079)
-The start of several other wars
-Several volcanic erruptions
-The beginnings of several ice ages
-An event believed to be the Theia impact resulting in the creation of the earths moon approximately 4.5 billion years ago (SCP-XXXX-001 earliest and most severe catstrophy)
-The creation of keter-class SCP-████ on ██.██.20██ (SCP-XXXX-093)

It is believed that SCP-XXXX does not cause and rather only predicts these events. As of incident SCP-XXXX-093-ALPHA it is assumed to be highly likely that SCP-XXXX actually causes the events it it related to to happen (See incident report SCP-XXXX-093-ALPHA for further details [Class 4 security clearence requiered]).

Each instance of SCP-XXXX as well as the tombchamber the sarcophagi are placed in is constructed of an unknown material unlike any substance existing on earth. The substance is perfectly white, unusually cold to the tuch and expresses extremely high resistance to physical, thermological, and chemical forces. The material can without taking any damage, be exposed to including but not limited to a 9mm bullet fired at point blank range, a 1000 kilogram block of concrete dropped from a height of 5 meters, the explosion of a rocket launcher missile, temperatures exeeding 5000 Kelvin, highly concentrated nitro-hydrochloric acid aka. aqua regia (lat. Kingswater), known to be able to dissolve even gold and platinum, for several hours. These properties make SCP-XXXX virtually indestructible, and also impossible to predict the age of the burial chamber and the sarcophagi themselves.

In consideration of the technical perfection of the sarcophogi, the clock-mechanism, as well as the tomb, it is believed, that SCP-XXXX was not build by the inhabitants of [redacted], but rather placed underground either after the downfall of their civilization or long before any form of life existed on earth.