Wrong's Work Desk
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It was a dark and stormy night… except that it was not supposed to be dark, or stormy, or night for the matter. At least not by half a day.

I was seated at my desk, intending to write about some updates for an SCP I was involved in. Then, it was afternoon with the Sun radiating its oppressive heat upon the land I stood upon. The second I made a stroke with my pencil, it was nighttime. Lightning struck. Thunder roared. All within a blink of an eye.

Normal people would have been startled by such events. But I got used to them. I blame my work at the Foundation.

I stopped writing at once, and the storm ceased. A great blinding light tore through the darkness of the night. It was afternoon again, with the same oppressive heat I was so familiar to.

I turned to the window of my office. Raindrops were present on the window. Did the storm really occur? Or was it part of my hallucination?

Looking out at the scorching outside for a while, I found nothing else strange. I returned to my writing, picking up my pencil, and continue my first sentence.

Once I stroked the pencil on the paper again, I heard thunder again. The darkness, storm, and night returned.

I stopped writing again, and the three things were gone. This was repeatable, not an one-off event. I picked up pencil and paper, and faced the window.

I continued writing from where I stopped just now. The sky grew dark, and a storm brewed. Both happened spontaneously. It was observable. There was an anomaly involved.

Now, what caused this to happen? What were present during all occurrences of the anomaly? Myself? This pencil? This paper? The writing?

As a fundamental assumption, I ruled myself out as a causality. If not, I could not carry out this investigation. I would be thrown away to be another SCP. I heard rumours of colleagues who have suffered such fates when they turned themselves in. My state of mind was still optimal enough to conduct my own investigation.

The next two hypothesis were easy to test. I used another pencil, and continued writing from where I have left off. As expected, the sky grew dark, and the storm brewed. I took out a blank piece of paper, and rewrote the sentence on the original paper. The result was as expected. I stopped writing again.

That left the final option: the writing. I tried scribbling on the paper, not thinking of what should be written on it. Thankfully, nothing occurred. A new insight was obtained. I tried again, but writing the words 'Hello world'. As before, nothing happened. The day continued.

I wrote the sentence I was meant to write originally, about the findings from that SCP I was working with. The sky turned dark, and the storm returned. I tried to pen down information relating to another SCP. The storm raged on. Another insight was obtained. This anomaly only occurred when I was attempting to pen down information regarding SCPs.

Perhaps an attempt to disrupt my good work at the Foundation by a GoI of sorts. That's it. It could not possibly be me. I was merely a victim in all this.

But I still need to finish my work. I am frankly not in my best condition. Perhaps I can order someone to dictate my words instead. I have my methods to convince my subordinates.

I have devoted my life to this Foundation. I refuse to end up as its prisoner.