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Item #: SCP-#

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the high public profile of the Taj Mahal, containment of the site from public access is deemed infeasible. Chambers and areas associated with SCP-# are to be denied public access, with reasons such as infrastructure deterioration as justification to denial of public access. Personnel are to be dispatched to the Taj Mahal on a biweekly basis to inspect all areas associated with SCP-# and other areas within the Taj Mahal, the latter of which is to locate new manifestations of SCP-#. If identified, those areas will be denied public access.

If SCP-# has manifested in over 50% of the Taj Mahal, the entire site is to be closed from public access.

Description: SCP-# refers to two locations in the Taj Mahal,1 an ivory-white marble mausoleum located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. Said locations are classified accordingly as SCP-#-A and SCP-#-B.

SCP-#-A is an underground chamber located ██ metres directly underneath the tomb chamber, and it is entirely constructed from ivory-white marble. The chamber primarily contains a carved inscription of the word 'Jannah' in Urdu, likely referring to the paradisiacal abode according to Islamic theology. Other than said inscription, it has no other distinguishable features or items placed in it.

SCP-#-A's anomalous effect occurs when a human is placed inside the chamber for at least five seconds continuously (hereon referred to as 'subject'). The subject will lose consciousness and expire. Cause of death is consistently multiple organ failure, particularly of the heart and brain. No injury is identified on any known subject's body. Autopsy of ██% of subjects has identified an increment in dopamine production in the brain.

SCP-#-B is a window in the Taj Mahal that faces the nearby Yamuna River. Humans who look out towards the Yamuna River through SCP-#-B (hereon referred to as 'observers') will consistently report to have seen a visual illusion of a black structure resembling the Taj Mahal. Other notable features of the visual illusion include a red-tinted sky, the Yamuna River comprising of magma, and the lack of vegetation and other lifeforms.

Observers will consistently attempt to reproduce said structure and/or images depicting it when said observers are positioned opposite of the Taj Mahal from across the Yamuna River. Reproductions of the black structure are non-anomalous. Additionally, █% of observers will gradually express increased interest (to varying degrees) in topics such as Indo-Persian architecture and Islamic theology.

SCP-#-A and SCP-#-B were originally discovered by officials in the government of British India, as part of the restoration project ordered by viceroy Lord Curzon. The Foundation was later allowed the right of monopoly to those areas, which has been affirmed by the current Government of India.

Addendum #-1: The black structure visible through SCP-#-B is widely hypothesised to be the so-called "Black Taj Mahal", supposedly a black marble mausoleum planned to be constructed across the Yamuna River and opposite of the Taj Mahal. Whist dismissed as a legend by contemporary scholars, various documents (privy to the Foundation) have alluded to plans regarding a Black Taj Mahal.

The following excerpts have been translated from Urdu, and commentary from Dr. Hussein Shah is provided in the adjacent column.