Wrong's Work Desk
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I found this document from within a hidden compartment on the desk in the office of O5-2, my new office. I heard that desk has quite a bit of history, being with the Foundation since the 1st iteration of the Council.

But enough of that desk. The document's more intriguing.

It's handwritten with red markings on it. A discarded draft perhaps?

SCP-4000?! Oh, I've seen that one on RAISA once. The Engine, a cognitohazardous mechanical engine that gave the Nazis designs for their wunderwaffe, and even caused several Foundation agents to defect and form what is now the Chaos Insurgency. But this document's contents…

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Lucifer It's always Keter

Clearance Designation: Level 5

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is currently under the custody of the Chaos Insurgency. All efforts are to be made in order to secure SCP-4000. While it is known to be a fixed structure located in Larissa, Greece, as a possible measure devised by the Chaos Insurgency, SCP-4000 might have been transported to a location unknown to the Foundation.

All anomalous technology utilised by the Chaos Insurgency are to be analysed for signs related to SCP-4000. All personnel belonging to the Chaos Insurgency's Delta Command are to be apprehended alive, and subjected to interrogation. We don't need interrogation. Their MO is a perversion of my former beliefs, unnaturally rushing the course of Nature's descent to entropy. The Engine simply provided a roadmap to the rightful course of the world's decline.

Description: SCP-4000 is an immobile metal computational device with the dimensions of 10 m x 10 m x 5 m, located in Larissa, Greece. While currently held by the Chaos Insurgency, SCP-4000 was originally under the custody of SS Ahnernerbe, who are believed to be creators of the device. We already discussed this. Nine's testimonial and preliminary findings have suggested that the device might have a component similar to reality anchors. The Engine and us, remnants from the same world. Think of the implications!

Due to SCP-4000's size, its computational capacity is believed to be exponentially higher than the expected scope of the Analytical Engine. However, SCP-4000 lacks the conventional output mechanisms found in non-anomalous computational device.

SCP-4000 is believed to have a cognitohazardous effect on humans within close proximity to the structure, causing symptoms such as veneration of SCP-4000 as an eschatological figure and a desire to use it and the information generated by it. It is believed to have caused the defection of ██ Foundation personnel, who would later become the initial members of the Chaos Insurgency. Due to SCP-4000's cognitohazardous effect, detailed studies of said effect is not possible. There's no cognitohazard. They willingly chose to restore the world that was torn by the True Fifth Occult War. They're very brave for choosing the truth, but fools all the same.

SCP-4000 is capable of transmitting information to one human subjected to its cognitohazardous effect (hereon referred to as 'subject' or 'Engineer' in Chaos Insurgency parlance). The basis in which the subject is selected is unknown, although physical contact between the subject and SCP-4000 is not necessary. The subject functions as an output mechanism for SCP-4000, consistently producing information analysed by SCP-4000. This is achieved through utterance of speech and production of writings, in languages and writing systems the subject would have known or otherwise.

The information produced by SCP-4000 notably pertain to anomalous weaponry, which were then manufactured by Germany during World War II and subsequently contained as SCP objects by the Foundation. Known examples include SCP-044. What about the radios from those civilians in Mekhanist Europe and Daevite-occupied Russia!? Maybe reality did not change, but it continued on. How can we ignore that? But I guess the Insurgency did not ignore it, despite their foolish methods.

Transmission of information to the subject continues until cessation of the subject's bodily functions, after which a new subject will be selected. As such, a subject often remains alive for two days on average prior to starvation. The Foundation utilised SCP-████ to prolong a given subject's lifespan by up to █ years.

Disinterested, I folded the document and torn it in half. Each half found its way in a nearby dustbin. The document's contents were nothing truly revolutionary, and it's rather outdated.

We've already contained the Daevites, who have no place in the current scheme of things and will only a liability to the current state of the world. The Mekhanists still have relevance for now, but when they need to be culled or contained, we will abide.

It is all in accordance to the declarations of the Engine.