Item#: SCP-xxx-J
Object Class: Disappeared Found/Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx-j is to be kept in site █ Garage █-2. The keys of SCP-xxx-J are to be kept in a safe located in Dr.████’s office. Weekly Car maintenance is required for SCP-xxx-J. No security clearance is required to enter SCP-xxx-j garage, however,level 5 security clearance into Dr.████s office to retrieve the keys to SCP-xxx-j.

Description: SCP-xxx-j resembles a tan 2006 Toyota Prius with a red panic button located above the power button in the interior of the car. When turning on the radio SCP-xxx-j seems to play What Is Love On every station. SCP-xxx-j was discovered in a parking lot of a burger store named ██████ ███ in 20██ with a “for sale sign” on the back windshield. When SCP-xxx-j is turned on it performs identical to a normal 2006 Prius. When Scp-xxx-j is on and the red panic button is pushed, SCP-xxx-j accelerates up to unmeasurable speed(see Document 1) only the burnt rubber marks and fire were left after incident SCP-xxx-j-1. SCP-xxx-j is presumed MIA (see Document# SCP-xxx-j-1log report)

Document# SCP-xxx-j-1
Reporter: Dr.███
Victim: Class D personnel
<Begin Log # 3456, 12/12/2016>
Dr.███ “Class D please get into SCP-xxx-j and turn it on.”
Class D: “ I better not die in a fucking Prius Doc!”
Dr.███: “Class D Please follow orders.”
Class D gets into SCP-xxx-j and turns it on.
Dr.███: “Class D, press the red button that says panic located above the the power button”
Class D: “ Doc I swear to god if i -.”
Dr.███: “Follow Orders Class D.”
Class D: “FUCK MY LI-”
Class D And SCP-xxx-j disappeared
Dr.███: “SCP-xxx-j and the class d have seemed to have disappeared, further evaluation is needed.”
<End Log # 3456, 12/12/2016>

Document# SCP-xxx-J-1 log report: SCP-xxx-J was presumed MIA for 2 months until finding it at █████ █████ in 2/██/20██. The speed gun was used for incident SCP-xxx-J-1 read out "2 fast 2 furious" on its radar, other measure tools used during this incident also stated this. Upon discovering, SCP-xxx-j seemed to be unharmed, The Radio Was playing What is love And SCP-xxx-J there was no gas left when SCP-xxx-J was found. Only the skeleton of the class D remains. The skeleton's mouth resembled to be smiling and was wearing a Shirt which had a logo of a heart with a Prius in the middle of it.A text which stated “I love my Prius” was located on the top of the shirt. It is unknown where SCP-xxx-J went or how it was unharmed, more examination is needed.