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Church of Vatten

The following Log/Journal was captured from an investigator known as Isabella Smith. She was not an investigator for the SCP Establishment. All data from her personal and social life has been removed.


Monday, 6/5/2014 : 5:28 PM
I've heard stories about this church north of my home town. My town is a very small place, not the prettiest, but I appreciate it for what it is. The elderly have told me about this church, many times actually. I've never thought anything about it. The church is fairly broken down, and now it sits next to an old gravel road out in the middle of the woods. I am logging all of this because of the recent incident that happened involving the church. From the local police report, a man went there, for unknown reasons, and simply hasn't been seen since. The police of course went there, but found no evidence of where the man could've went. No blood, nothing. Not even foot prints. The only clue we have on the subject, is the man's neighbor saw his car parked next to the beginning of the gravel road (That leads to the Church), at around midnight. The man missing has been identified as Joseph S., I plan to personally investigate the matter myself, to see if I can find anything relating to the case.

It's been 3 weeks since the police have found anything, and they're decided to drop the case, however, I've volunteered to investigate. I've decided I'll only be investigating for no more than a week, I am eager to see where this man went, for some reason I feel like I almost know him.

Tuesday 6/6/2014 : 5:14 PM
I can remember more information now, I remember him, Joseph, he went to the same high school as me.
I searched through his car, I found his cell phone in there. I've decided to call the contacts in that phone, I asked them if they knew where Joseph had gone. They say the police already asked them this, but I just felt like I needed to double check. I then asked them if they knew anything about the church. Every single contact on that phone, knew nothing about the Church or where Joseph could've wondered off. Tomorrow, I will be going to the church. I will take photographs of the church, and the car he was operating the day we went missing.
Him and I worked on a couple of projects together during high school, we got along pretty well, and he always had the brightest smile. I'm not sure as to why he is missing all of a sudden.

Tuesday 6/6/2014 : 7:44 PM
I've done some research on what "Vatten" is. From what old stories say, it's a being, or spirit, that uses emotional connections to lure people in. It was an old urban legend, that was established around 1811, a man first said that the most beautiful women was waiting out in the woods for him. The village's people laughed at him, and told him he was crazy. Even when the man would describe the girl, no one in the village knew who she was. People called him crazy. So he went into the woods too see her, and of course, he disappeared as well. That's really all there is to the story.

[Image from the online "Vatten" Wikipedia]:

However, I'm pretty convinced that this being doesn't exist, and has nothing to do with this church, or this case that I am working on.

Wednesday 6/7/2014 : 11:42 AM

Thursday 6/8/2014 : 9:56 PM
I've just received an email. It reads:
"North of path. Into the church, drink from the river to see them."
The individual who sent it seems to using some type of throw away email.
I've already tried responding, but I haven't got any replies. Simply seeing this email alone is giving me anxiety, I hardly understand the context of the email it self, and I'm beginning to question if this is some type of prank or joke.

Email Data:

  • Sent: 9:51 PM
  • Sender: moc.2fhuwqz|r7qry34uihf_natvet#moc.2fhuwqz|r7qry34uihf_natvet
  • When sent, wasn't auto-moved to Spam
  • No images, or files attached

Friday 6/9/2014 : 9:30 AM
The email is gone. I didn't delete, literally no traces of it are found. This is starting to scare me. I swear I didn't delete it. I swear. No. I should just think logically, if it was some type of throw-away email, then it might have expired, causing it to delete, or maybe it was just noticed as spam and perhaps auto-deleted. But I still remember what the email said.
"North of the path, Into the church, drink from the river to see them."
I simply don't understand what that means, I understand that it's directions, but why does it want me to drink from the river? And who would I be "seeing"
I'm scared, but some what tempted, the police haven't gotten anywhere with this, but maybe I can. In fact, I think I might go try it out today, I don't have a lot to lose. Yes. I've made up my mind, I will be visiting the church later in the day, and I will follow those directions.
I need to understand this, I'm becoming impatient.

Friday 6/9/2014 : 9:41 AM
I have Josephs phone, all the contacts are gone. However, the call logs are still available. I've called them, and I recognize the voices, they're Joseph's friends. They questioned who I was, and claimed they didn't know Joseph. Every single one of them claimed they didn't know him. Then I went as far to call his parents to make sure that I wasn't going insane, they haven't picked up. I've called over 7 times.

Saturday 6/10/2014 : 12:01 AM
I'm out in the middle of the woods as we speak. I am hiding behind a tree, I'd say about 3 minutes away from the Church. I did as the directions follow. I went up the road, I walked through the church, I went north, and I drank from the river. I heard a loud scream behind me, then I turned around and saw something looking out the church window, it was all black and looked like the photo I posted earlier, I panicked and ran away. Is Vatten real? Or was that just a delusional due to all the stress? I have no idea. I have no cell service, nor do I have a GPS. I'm lost. It's windy, I can't hear anything, writing this is the only thing keeping me sane.
Wait, I see someone in the distance. The moon light is shining down on them, could it be help, or is it, It's Joseph! I see him from the distance, he can't see me, I'm going to ask him for help, I've found him!


Isabella Smith was found mutilated 2 miles away from the church.

Her body has been properly deposed of. Her family and friends have been informed that she is missing.

Joseph was never found, nor were any records of him found. The vehicle he was supposedly operating has been apprehended.

The church, along with the soil surrounding it, has been contained, and is currently on it's way to a holding facility.

Whether or not the creature/being sticks to one church or general structure is unknown.

No other cases such as this one has happened since it's been placed into the facility.