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Initial recovery of SCP-3824

Item #: SCP-3824

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is contained within a cell mainly constructed of iron and steel standing 3x3x2 meters in Area ██ containment sector 3. Containment cell is unlit and all personnel entering the containment chamber of SCP-3824 are not permitted to use any light source but are permitted to use standard night vision equipment. In the event of an SCP-3824 containment breach all primary light sources are to be shut off immediately and all personnel are to be directed by security personnel equipped with standard night vision equipment to the nearest breach shelter.

Description: SCP-3824 is a quadrupedal organism of an unknown specie. SCP-3824 is pale and humanoid in appearance with very little body hair. In addition to the objects grotesque build each of the objects feet contain a set of 4 retractable claws 4 inches in length which are primarily used to hunt but are commonly used to defend itself. Despite the objects vaguely humanoid structure all DNA testing has revealed that SCP-3824 is in fact not human and its DNA is incredibly unique - not relating to any other known to man.

SCP-3824 will attempt to evade the eyesight of most if not all sentient organisms at all times by either hiding behind objects, blinding, or terminating viewing personnel in a fight or flight scenario. Though SCP-3824 will tend to stay away from the eyesight of personnel in a non-harming matter it is not uncommon for SCP-3824 to attack personnel when provoked. SCP-3824 will tend to fight while standing on its hind legs and making use of its claws. SCP-3824 typically blinds its opponent by attacking their eyes and terminates subjects by viciously attacking their throat. The object finds joy in killing and will stop at nothing to achieve termination of its prey. SCP-3824 is capable of reaching speeds of up to 61 km/h when provoked, is omnivorous, and may view humans as a food source. Its claws are not its primary weapon.

SCP-3824 is considered a cognitohazard. Individuals within a 2 mile radius of item SCP-3824 report feeling uneasy, anxious, and fearful. Personnel who fall asleep in a large vicinity of the object arise claiming to have had a nightmare of a large figure standing approximately 3 meters tall pursuing the victim. Said nightmares do not vary. Prolonged exposure to the objects anomalous effects may result in a catatonic state of affected personnel. Personnel not retrieved are typically terminated by the object but slowly.

SCP-3824 was first discovered in Connecticut, USA approximately 2 hours prior to Foundation representatives receiving reports of mass hysteria. Prior to the items discovery 2 civilians were confronted by the object. One of which was blinded permanently while the other was found to be terminated by the object. Subject was found to be terminated via severe lacerations on the subjects trachea. All civilians under the influence of anomalous effects delivered by the object were dealt with promptly and accordingly.