Musixiem's SCP
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Item #: SCP-3127

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3127, SCP-3127-1, and SCP-3127-2 is to be stored at Site 19 in a containment chamber at least 50m x 50m x 30m, made of a combination of concrete and heavy natural aggregates, including magnetite, steel punch, and steel balls, measuring at least 5,900 kg/m3 in density. Any observation windows are to be produced with several thick panes of highly leaded glass, with a mineral oil full of hydrogen and carbon filling the gaps for optical transparency.

Under no circumstances is any personnel to connect SCP-3127 to a power supply. Any attempts will have the personnel authorized for termination.

Personnel are not to step into the 30m radius, unless authorized to perform an experiment.

SCP-3127 has been known to emit Pu-239 gamma rays as strong as 2.9 PBq at its base level. An encapsulated Level A biohazard suit is necessary for all personnel entering SCP-3127's chamber. The face shield should consist of a three layer composite containing 40 mil PVC / 5 mil PTFE / 20 mil PVC.

Upon SCP-3127 reaching the second stage of activity, personnel are to evacuate to avoid the radiation from stage three. Any personnel caught inside during stage three are to be denied re-entry, and to be presumed deceased upon the completion of the third stage.

Following Incident 3127-004 (See Experiment Log 3127), all experimentation and testing must be monitored two(2) Level 4 Security Guards.

Description: SCP-3127 is an Atari 800XL, with the main menu of the game “Dropzone” loaded. SCP-3127-1 and SCP-3127-2 are a wooden table and office chair supporting SCP-3127. Upon acquisition, many irradiated bodies were located piled on the ground around SCP-3127, presumably a family living in the building where the object was found. [See the Body Analysis in Addendum 3127-02]

SCP-3127 was discovered in 19██ by Dr. ███████ (deceased).

SCP-3127’s anomalous effect will activate if any subject steps within a 30m radius. In this radius, the subject will be compelled to use SCP-3127. When an individual sits on SCP-3127-2, they are fused to it by an unknown mean for the duration of the event.

Addendum 3127-01: SCP-3127 has been studied to activate three stages. The first stage is when the subject is fused to the chair by an unknown form. This appears to fuse to the subjects dermis layer. Any attempts to remove the subject will result in the subject experiencing high levels of pain. Subject is highly compelled to use SCP-3127, and will often begin playing the displayed game.

As of Experiment 3127-003 [See Experiment Log 3127], it has been recorded that once SCP-3127-2 is occupied, the luring effect to use SCP-3127 is absent. This has been connected to the subjects enhanced desire to continue using SCP-3127.

The second stage is a transition referring to the subjects behavior. At first notice, any attempts to divert the subjects attention will result in the subject becoming violent, attempting to deal what damage it can, even within the subjects confined range of motion.

Addendum 3127-02: