Following six years of complete inactivity, I've decided to start trying to contribute.

I have just shoved everything I have up here. Some of them are not currently worth trying to refine. I think I'd most like to expand on Prionic Ecosystem, Near-Universal Translator, Pedantic Monkey's Paw (though that would be more of a contraction), or "A Cute Thing […]"

Note on Prionic Ecosystem: Although the Foundation knows of at least 8 other prions (008, 1232, 2333, 1801), they shouldn't be included in the article proper, on the assumption that it's written for a non-overlapping clearance.

Okay, I don't know what, but I, or someone, have to do something with the cones of Tetraclinis articulata/Thuja articulata/sandarac/Barbary thuja. I mean, just look at this shit: Those are cones.