Item #: 2920

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2920 is to be contained within a hangar at site-██. The hangar measures 100x150x30m, and is constructed from 5m thick reinforced concrete capable of blocking VHF waves between 108 and 137 MHz. The walls of SCP-2920's containment facility are to be inspected twice a week as per usual for cracks and other anomalies which may allow radio waves on the VHF band to escape. Four (4) CCTV cameras are to be installed at 90 degree intervals around SCP-2920 which are viewed from a remote site. An antenna capable of receiving signals on the aforementioned frequency is installed on the celing of SCP-2920's containment area,

Personnel with a clearance of level three or above may enter SCP-2920's containment area for periods of no more than thirty (30) minutes at a time, provided they wear full biohazard suits. Although this has been deemed unnecessary by Dr. ████████ ██████, due to the fact that SCP-2920's anomalous properties have not been fully understood, such precautions have been deemed necessary by Dr. ████████ ██████████, head of site-██.

SCP-2920 will transmit a message in the Russian language every twenty (20) minutes on the VHF frequency of 112 MHz (Megahertz) requesting takeoff from a supposed "runway 33". "Runway 33" is most commonly assumed to refer to runway 33 at ████████████ airport. Three (3) staff members are to monitor the aforementioned frequency range at all times. Every transmission originating from SCP-2920 must be replied to with the following phrase in Russian: "Samolyot chetyre vosem'desyat devyatyy, zhdat' pozhaluysta." which roughly translates to 'Aircraft four eighty nine (referring to the last three digits of SCP-1920's registration, as was commonplace for Soviet ATC to refer to passenger aircraft by), please wait'. Approximately five (5) seconds after the transmission is made, a voice which resembles a Russian male in his 30's will reply with the phrase "Ponyal", or the Russian equivalent of 'Roger'. If no transmission is received from SCP-1920 after five (5) seconds, procedure [DATA EXPUNGED] is to be undertaken.

Description: SCP-2920 is an Ilyushin Il-62M passenger aircraft registered CCCP-86489, painted in Soviet Aeroflot livery and manufactured at the Kazan Aircraft Production Association in Kazan, Russian SFSR on the ██/██/1978. Although it is interesting to note that, while SCP-2920 was assigned the construction number of 4830456, this number is shared with another Ilyushin Il-62M, CCCP-█████. This action was undertaken by the Supreme Soviet for the purpose of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-2920 is visually identical to virtually every other Il-62M both on the outside and interior wise.

From ██/██/1978 until ██/██/1992, SCP-2920 was based at ████████████ airport, ██████ SSR, and it completed ██,███ cycles (complete flights from an airport to another airport, with or without stopovers in between) during service with Aeroflot. Although during it's passenger service life no unusual behavior was believed to have been observed, due to the extreme secrecy of the Soviet government, this information is unreliable.

SCP-2920's anomalous properties will manifest when one if it's transmissions requesting takeoff are granted. It will then relocate to a runway of a seemingly random airport located in the Russian Federation. SCP-2920 has appeared at █████████, ██████████████, ███████ ████████ and ███████████, although no specific pattern is believed to occur as to which airport SCP-2920 will manifest at if the takeoff request is granted. SCP-2920 will always manifest in front of an aircraft which has just touched down or about to become airborne while travelling at a speed of ███ km/h. The incoming aircraft will then explode and disintegrate as if it has just hit another aircraft at a great speed, while SCP-2920 has been observed to pass cleanly through, only to vanish ten (10) seconds later.

SCP-2920 was relocated to the facility at site-██ after a series of incidents from █████ 1992-█████████ 1993, the first incident occurring only 2 weeks after SCP-2920 was taken out of service following the breakup of the USSR, involving a "phantom" plane appearing in front of aircraft at ████████████, causing them to crash in flames and then subsequently disappearing. After the aircraft in question was observed to be CCCP-86489, another Il-62M which had been scrapped, CCCP-█████, was repainted to resemble SCP-2920 to avoid suspicion as SCP-2920 was scrapped at ████████, an airport which experienced heavy passenger traffic, to avoid potential eyewitnesses.

Addendum 1920-01: On [DATA EXPUNGED], the third incident involving SCP-2920, a fully loaded flight from █████████ landed during a thunderstorm. For the first seven (7) seconds of the landing phase, nothing out of the ordinary was observed. Captain Miroslav █████████, one of the few survivors of the crash, saw what appeared to be an Il-62 suddenly appear around twenty (20) meters from his aircraft. Captain █████████ observed the aircraft to be travelling at an extraordinary speed, and as it impacted, the force was so severe that the forward part of the fuselage was spun around. █████████ had a full view of SCP-2920 ascending into the night sky before vanishing. After giving his account of an experience with SCP-2920, Miroslav █████████ was administered a class A amnesiac and released.