My ideas

This is one of my SCP ideas, please refrain from using harsh language or hate to describe your feelings/comments/corrections you may have. I'm not very clear on how the syntax's work yet

SCP-2227-1 with insignia censored (there will be an image here0
Item #: SCP-2227

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2227-1 is to be contained within a locked storage room lined with thermite with Level 3 Security Clearance required to enter No personnel with any clearance level are to enter SCP-2227-1’s chamber. There is to be no further testing on SCP-2227-1 due to incident 2227-Clark. (see incident report I-2227-Clark) SCP-2227-1 must be guarded by two (2) guards armed at all times armed Foundation Grade Assault rifles. In the event of a Containment Breach, guards will ignite the thermite destroying SCP 2227-1 and immediately contact Mobile Task Force Mu-13 (“Ghostbusters”). After MTF has been contacted, all personnel must vacate to the nearest Containment Breach shelter until SCP-2227-2 is either destroyed or contained.

Description: SCP-2227-1 is a leather-bound book that carbon dates to the early [redacted] era. The cover is inscribed with a symbol that has been declared as a cognito-hazard by Dr. Francis. The book is completely filled with blank pages except for the first two pages (see-addendum-1&2). On the second page, a set of characters in a linear horizontal arrangement (see addendum-2). When personal touch any of the characters with this page, the next blank page will display whichever characters were pressed. Once an entire page has been covered in the characters, two events occur. The first being that the users body will seem to lower in biological age by one year. The second is the death on a random person within a five square kilometers radius of SCP-2227-1. Occasionally the user may be the one who dies. Once the first event has occurred, users report seeing an entity (designated as SCP 2227-2) with discrepancy in the majority of reports but with several recurring features in every report: a Asian female with blonde hair and several missing teeth
Users who see SCP 2227-2 report it pleading for them to destroy SCP-2227-1 or to keep writing.

Addendum-1: The first page of SCP-2227-1 is printed with the following words in the readers mother language.
“This book holds the soul of the lady of temptation and deceit. My this bound never be broken and may she never again taint the minds of the pure.”
Addendum-2: The second page of SCP-2227-1 is printed with the following.

Interviewed: D-4921

Interviewer: Head Researcher Dr. Densmore

Interviewee: D-4921

Dr.Densmore: Hello D-4921

D-4921: Uhhh, yeah, hi.

Dr. Densmore: You do know why you’re here, correct?

D-4921: I think so. Doc, I’ve seen some crazy shit since I’ve been here, but THAT [points to the exit door]. That was too much.

Dr. Densmore: Which is exactly WHY you’re here. I want to know exactly what happened when you stopped typing.

D-4921: *undecipherable*

Dr. Densmore: Please speak into the microphone.

D-4921: I heard my someone.

Dr. Densmore: What did they say?

D-4921: Help, please help me, let me go, it wasn’t true, they lied, it wasn’t me. Let me go. Please just write something! Anything!

Dr. Densmore: Anything else?

D-4921: I saw her.

Dr. Densmore: Who?

D-4921: Her! The… the one why was crying.

Dr. Densmore: COuld you please describe

D-4921: She look young, like about twelve. She had blonde hair and she was missing her front tooth. She looked kind of sunburnt as well, and she had a really messed up hand, like I mean it was smashed and split open. and she was just begging me to let her, to set her free, and…and I didn’t know what to do.

Dr. Densmore: Is that all?

D-4921: [silent]

Dr. Densmore: D-4921?

D-4921: I just keep seeing her. Everytime I close my eyes, I just see her face.

[[It was at this point that D-4921 burst into a crying fit which lasted until his termination. All further testing subsided]