Author - N Tertain

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SCP-3137 - [CODENAME] The Genius - Keter class.

SCP-3137 also known as ████ ████████ from Earth █████████ █████ is the father of █████ ████, and the grandfather of ██████ and █████████ █████. SCP-3137 is a man in his late 60's to early 70's, SCP-3137 is extremely dangerous and seemingly careless, his vast intellect of his own existence along with the topics of life, the past, the future, biology, chemistry, astronomy and all other sciences both theoretical and practical is the most dangerous thing about him as nothing even compares to his abilities in any known universe, he may even know more than SCP-343.

Calling them "Mistakes," he claims to have created a number of SCP's, but has not revealed which ones, but has revealed some to be both Keter and Safe depending on which mood he was in while creating them. SCP-3137 is fully aware of everything no matter how big or small, usually ill tempered and speaks in a hostile way most of the time but has been shown to be humble and passionate when talking about his family, friends and other loved ones. His mind shifts and cuts away sometimes and talks as if something is watching him. though we do not know if anything is or if he just does it for the fun of it.

When we explained and showed an image of SCP-682 he began to laugh uncontrollably.

One example of an SCP [Not located or on file] that he has created and explained known as the ███████ ████ He explains contains beings of unknown species or origin which will help whoever summons them until their mission is complete. No more information was given about this unknown SCP, No information is given whether it is Euclid, Keter or Safe.

The origin of SCP-3137 is known to be Earth, DNA analysis proves he is human but he claims to actually be from [DATA EXPUNGED AND MOVED ELSWHERE FOR SECURITY PURPOSES]

SCP-3137 must be contained at all times, with security on standby 24/7, CCTV must be watching at all times as he has a tendency to things out of the ordinary constantly.

SCP-3137 Interview 001

  • Interviewer: Hello SCP-3137
  • SCP-3137: What the f███ do you want?
  • Interviewer: No need to be hostile.
  • SCP-3137: F███ you!
  • Interviewer: [Hesitates]
  • SCP-3137: Wh..(Burps)..what! did I scare you? How on Earth do you expect me to comply with your rules when you've locked me away in here?
  • Interviewer: Because we have your [Data Redacted] you cannot escape.
  • SCP-3137: (Burps) (laughs hysterically)
  • Interviewer: Why…..
  • SCP-3137: (Laughs louder over the interviewer trying to reply making himself seem obnoxious then stops suddenly, looking into the interviewers eyes)
  • Interviewer: Are you done?
  • SCP-3137: (Laughs again even louder than before then replies) Ok, ok I'm done.
  • Interviewer: Ok lets continue. Why did you start to laugh when I said you cannot escape?
  • SCP-3137: Because (Burp) you have no idea who I am.
  • Interviewer: Who are you?
  • SCP-3137: I'm ████ ████████
  • Interviewer: And who is ████ ████████
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • [Data Redacted]
  • Interviewer: That will be enough for today.
  • SCP-3137: Can I see my family?
  • Interviewer: We will try and organize that, may we have their location?
  • SCP-3137: [Data Redacted]
  • Interviewer: We will arrange a time, but they will have to be checked before entering and leaving this building, do you agree to my terms?
  • SCP-3137: Yes I do, I just want to let them know I'm fine.
  • Interviewer: Thank you for your time.
  • SCP-3137: Just one more thing?
  • Interviewer: Yes?
  • SCP-3137: [Removed due to inappropriate language.]

Interview Terminated.