Nharctic's SCP-XX??

Item #: XXX
Object Class: Elucid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored at Site ██ in a 5x5x5m room with two (2) blast proof windows at least 10 centimeters thick, with one (1) blast door, and each wall being at least 50cm thick of standard cement, and resting on a similarly blast resistant table. The entrance must be guarded by two (2) security guards, and at no time is someone allowed to enter unless supervised by someone of level 3 clearance or above. For no reason is a Site Director, or anyone of high priority in an emergency lock down to be within forty-seven (47) meters of the container, unless it is an emergency.
Description: SCP-XXXX is a standard red Craftsman toolbox, containing:

  • One (1) red handled Phillips Screwdriver
  • One thousand forty (1,040) screws of varying size (changes from day to day), self-replenishing
  • One (1) 30cm long hammer, with a head weighing 20g, and made of Steel
  • One (1) Set of Standard Chrome-Vanadium Metric Wrenches, with no labeling (scratched off)
  • An undefined amount of nails coming from a box labeled "Nails" Nails discovered to come from nearest unattended box of nails

There is also a tool of undefined parameters, different to every person, capable of being used as any tool commonly used for a given task.
When a subject enters the box's area of effect, they immediately attempt to open the box, then fix something with the objects contained inside. The quality of the repairs is entirely dependent on the knowledge of the user. For reasons unknown, the user becomes convinced it is perfectly repaired, and attempt to use the said object. Successful repairs cause the object to operate at a slightly improved rate over what is expected of the repair. Any failed repairs cause the object to immediately convert to a highly unstable compound similar to nitroglycerin, albeit with more explosive force, applying an estimated 400 newtons of force on the walls of the enclosure, without damaging the toolbox. Also, any repairs succeeding on an object, but not performed by a professional mechanic or engineer in the related fields will invariably catch on fire, no matter what it is. Any completely successful repairs improve the object by up to 140%, and also can result in the object converting into a related object (ex. a V8 engine could convert to a V8 Turbo engine, or a V10. How this happens is completely unknown).
SCP-XXXX was discovered by Agent ████████ after an explosion in [Redacted], California, that resulted in ████ civilian deaths. The investigation was launched because there were reports of a "Magic Toolbox" that could do amazing things, and these rumors were repeated to the point where this had to be investigated.
After entering the area of effect, Agent ███████ began to attempt a complete repair of and exploded house using the toolbox, causing a [Data Expunged] required ████ Special Agents to clear up, Class A amnesiacs were administered to the ████ survivors of the ██████ dead.