N13 12y

Item #: XXXX
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a box made of 1% Psychic Dampener (Foundation Standard), 50% Vanadium/Chrome Alloy, and 49% Aluminum. The box is to be contained inside standard containment cell, and in case of breach, the box must be removed from the site, and brought to the nearest safe site, by any personnel available. Under no circumstances is the box to be opened. Any interaction with SCP-XXX is to be authorized by level 5 clearance. The staff are to undergo regular mental evaluations, and any unstable personnel removed. In case of XK-class end-of-world scenario, a properly authorized personnel is allowed to read the final pages of SCP-XXX, to attempt to find a way to prevent total destuction.
Desctiption: SCP-XXX is a white, leather bound book estimated to be over ███ years old. The book contains prophecies and predictions of the future of the universe, and