Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2XXX is contained on-site and efforts are currently being done to prevent entrance into it. Russian personnel have set up a roadblock to ward away curious and lost individuals.

Personnel who are delivering supplies and cargo are the only ones permitted to enter SCP-2XXX. At no time is any personnel to exit SCP-2XXX. Those who attempt or exit SCP-2XXX will be detained and made a Class D.

Experiments involving SCP-2XXX must be approved by at least two (2) Level 3 Researchers. As of ██/█/20██, any personnel who wishes to enter SCP-2XXX-1 must receive approval to do so from O5-██.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a possessive entity that
The following memorandum was found in the City Hall. The original document was written in Russian, it has been translated to English for international use.

Date: 23/11/1967 25/11/1967 21/11/1968?
Time: 13:56?

I can't keep living in this horror film, in a city that has no one but myself? I don't even know if this is real. Every SINGLE house and apartment I searched I found not a single soul inside. Of course food is relatively abundant, seeing as the locals that were once here left it just lying around. But what am I to do? My day consists of wandering the city like a poor old bum.

I don't even know what a normal human being looks like anymore. I can't recall the last time I saw someone. Was it six months ago? Eight? Ten? I've lost track of time. I've lost track of everything. My head hurts, my stomach aches, and my entire body is shaky.

I'm done living like this. My life has no meaning anymore. So what's the point in going on? If someone finds this, which I highly doubt anyone will, you can find my body in the Mayors office.

- V███████ S█████████

Notes: V███████ S█████████'s body was found on 12/4/19██. Cause of death was a fatal bullet wound to the head. Body shows no signs of decommission.