SCP 1337-J

SCP Name: 1337-J
Classification: Keter
Level Clearance: 4
SCP 1337 is any Electronic Device Connected to the internet. SCP 1337 comes in many forms (even solid) such as a
Green Ogre (This Substance is very dangerous and is to be guarded by 4 SD Guards)
A Green Frog Riding a Unicycle
Cheese Flavored Chips
A White Barking Dog
Any Pictures with White Lettering in caps on a picture
A Cat Playing a Keyboard (Contained at Site-██)
A Poptart Cat (Contained)
A troll face (Anyone caught making this face or putting it anywhere are to be Studied)
A song called Trololo (Contained)
A Phrase called Stalin knows best (Uncontained)
A Game called CoD (Uncontained)
A Respecting Women phrase (Out of Control)
Something called Hentai (Out of Control)
A Phrase called "What are you doing in my swamp"
A Song called All Star (Uncontained)
A Character called Jimmy Neutron (Contained at Site-███)
A Song called We are Number One (Uncontained)
Another character called Robbie Rotten (Contained at Site-███)
If you think you have found a substance of 1337-J report it to a 0-5.
Symptoms of SCP 1337 are an addiction to an app called Ifunny, Constant searching of the word Meme, constant making of these "memes", and Constant listening, looking at or saying of any of these substances. Creators of these substances are to be constantly studied on how they create 1337-J Substances. If a substance of 1337-J is ever to be captured it is to be stored on a Highly Secured Computer in Site-███.
If any solid substances of 1337-J are captured they are to be stored in a CC that fits there size (Sense they are different sizes) at Site ██. If any Foundation personnel are caught looking or tampering with SCP 1337-J they are to be Terminated. You need permission from 1 Level 4 Personnel in order to test SCP 1337-J. If there is a Breach in Site-██ of solid substances of 1337-J MTF squad E-11 are to be called to recontain. If any solid substances gets out of the facility Site-██ is to evacuate all personnel to the Blast Shelter and request a nuclear launch on Site-██. Further information is classified to the 0-5X.

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