nathan nis

Item #: SCP-1780


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP 1780 is located in a 5X5 meter armored room in Bio Site 21. The room is equipped with a botanical life support system, including a variable watering system, 4 artificial sunlight producing lamps, and a nutrition supplied soil container that SCP 1780 is planted in. Until replication is successful, or a second occurrence of SCP 1780-1 is found, absolutely no intrusive research is allowed on SCP 1780.

Description: SCP 1780 is an normal Orchid flower recovered from a farmer near the mountains of ██████ in 1991. SCP 1780 is 32 cm high, and dated at 32 years old. The anomalous property of SCP 1780 appears on its 4 large petals. The petals of SCP 1780 hold a previously undiscovered color, this color has been labeled SCP 1780-1. It has been confirmed by on site researchers that SCP 1780-1 is not a combination or modification of any know color or colors, and that its existence should be impossible based on our current understanding of light and color.
SCP 1780 was discovered by a farmer in rural north █████ during the spring of 1988. The farmer kept SCP 1780 a secret for 3 years before his wife discovered it and quickly alerted the state security department.. SCP intercepted the transmission and a mobile unit recovered SCP 1780 and left the area before armed forces arrived. Several SCP operatives returned to the area at a later date to search for other instances of SCP 1780. none were found
All attempts to replicate SCP 1780-1 have been unsuccessful. When captured by any means of photography, SCP 1780 appears distorted and fractured, unable to be rendered by current camera and screen technology. Upon examination it was discovered that SCP 1780 has no reproductive systems. On June 28th 20██, Dr. ██████ cut off a small part of a petal in order to view SCP-1780 with advanced imaging equipment. Upon its removal, the dissected piece of SCP 1780 immediately turned brown and shriveled to half of its original size. Further research attempts now require permission from no more than two level 4 personnel.
Testing has revealed that SPC-1780 has a hypnotic effect on any person that views it. Any person that views SCP 1780-1 exhibits symptoms of obsession and compulsion to view it again. After prolonged exposure the viewer becomes transfixed and enters a state of hypnosis that only ends when line of sight with SCP 1780-1 is broken. Some people develop a sense of paranoia after viewing SCP 1780-1, believing that the SCP foundation is hiding SCP 1780 for their own gains. In rare cases this escalates into violent behavior, see incident log for specific descriptions.