Article I: SCP-xxxx (The Safe Room)

(Version 0.2)

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SCP-xxxx after coming into Foundation custody

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

As the anomaly cannot be relocated, the home containing SCP-xxxx is to be guarded by two (2) security guards at all times. The door is to remain locked when testing is not actively taking place. No personnel with anxiety disorders of any kind are permitted to work near this facility.

A motion sensor and an audio communication device are to be kept active within SCP-xxxx at all times. A camera with photographic functionality but no video recording functionality is to be used to ensure the vacancy of SCP-xxxx every eight hours. SCP-xxxx is to contain no weapons (or replica weapons), no animals, and no objects that could be seen as frightening. The room is to be kept smelling of lavender, and paintings of flowers are to be displayed on the walls. Under no circumstances is live video surveillance to be performed on SCP-xxxx.

When attempting to persuade a subject or agent to exit SCP-xxxx, tone is to be cheerful and relaxed; threats are counterproductive and not to be used under any circumstances. In the event of continued noncompliance or incapacitation of the subject, pumps introducing nitrous oxide into SCP-xxxx are to be activated. The agent performing the retrieval is to be given a mild anxiolytic and fitted with a closed circuit rebreather before entering SCP-xxxx. Subjects extracted are to be told that they are "going to somewhere nice" when the agent arrives to carry them out.


SCP-xxxx is the basement den of a two-story home in the ██████ town of ████████, Wisconsin. The room currently contains a couch, a rug, a television without a cable connection, a dvd player with several discs containing children's programming, and the items mentioned in the Special Containment Procedures.

When a human views the interior of SCP-xxxx, they feel a sense of safety and security associated with that room. In ██% of tested cases, subjects will choose to enter SCP-xxxx. The few who decline to enter SCP-xxxx tend to be those who have previously reported to be feeling calm, bored, or cheerful. In nearly all cases, subjects who reported feeling any type of fear or unease chose to enter SCP-xxxx.

Once inside, the subjects will report feeling peaceful and protected. If asked to leave, most subjects will do so with some reluctance. While negative events or sensations within SCP-xxxx have not been observed to cause any manner of anxiety to subjects while they remain within SCP-xxxx, that anxiety seems to be postponed and amplified when the subject attempts to climb the stairs leading to the exit.


SCP-xxxx came the attention of the Foundation when a paper in the nearby city of █████████ reported "the lair of a mad killer" had been found on █/██/18███. Local law enforcement claimed to have lost several officers to the offender. Foundation agents arrived shortly after and interviewed the ████ woman who had discovered SCP-xxxx.

Interviewed: Sarah ████, age 1█

Interviewer: Agent Thorp

<Begin Log, 11:17 PM>

Thorp: When did you first see what was in that basement?

Sarah: I never saw anything down there. I went over to [REDACTED]'s house, since he hadn't been returning my calls for like █ weeks! I was pretty pissed off since it seemed like he left town without telling me. I was so angry, but… god, I should have got there sooner.
Subject begins to weep.
Thorp: I know this is very upsetting for you, but please try to continue. We need your help to catch the guy who did this.
Sarah: Okay, okay… sorry… So, I used the key he gave me to get inside the house. He wasn't in his bedroom, so I went to check the basement, where he spends… um, spent…
Thorp: Please continue.
Sarah: …Spent a lot of his time. As soon as I opened the door, I smelled the sickest thing you could ever imagine. Like.. rotting meat… and shit, just, just death!
17 minutes later, subject continues.
Sarah:I ran the hell away. Got my older brother to go down there and check things out for me. I stayed far away from that horrible smell. When he went down there, he said that everything was fine. He said it was the nicest room he'd ever been to, told me that it was really peaceful down there. His voice was… wrong.
Thorp:How do you mean?
Sarah:Very calm, but really distant sounding. He also said he didn't mind the smell at all. I asked if ████ was there. My brother said that he was, plus a whole bunch of people from town. He counted maybe 20, including my boyfriend. I didn't hear anything at all. I asked about that godawful smell again, and he said that it was probably all the people down there.
Short pause while subject calms down
Sarah:He said that they looked like they had been dead for at least a couple of weeks. And then he laughed, long and hard. This… oh god. This was the worst part. He was laughing like he was drunk and had just seen the funniest thing ever. He told me to come on down, that I'd understand what was so funny. Everything was so wrong, so fucking wrong, I just ran. Called 911. He's down there and something's really wrong with him! Something evil is in that basement and it has my fucking brother!
Thorp:You have my word, we will take care of this situation.

Following the interview, █ agents were temporarily lost to SCP-xxxx before we were able to discover the general nature of the anomaly, █ through direct viewing and subsequent refusal to exit and █ through viewing of video footage.The exploration and recovery plan was formulated when agents discovered that viewing a photo of the area did not have any anomalous effects, merely revulsion and nausea.

The basement was cleared by a blind agent in hazmat suit, being directed by an offsite control team who were receiving pictures from the agent's helmet-mounted camera. Photographs revealed a pile of ██ corpses in the corner, clinging to each other. Many corpses were stripped of the majority of their skin, and all were missing their ears. There was a pile of loose skin and organs decaying in one of the corners, and another pile of excrement in a third corner. Vomit covered most of the floor space. The brother of the interviewee and the previously lost agents were observed leaning against the pile of bodies, smiling. Pictures showed the brother and █ agents with blood stains covering their faces, hands, and clothing.

These agents were later treated for severe food poisoning, with only █ expiring. All involved townspeople were given class █ amnesiacs.