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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored on a single Parallel ATA hard disk kept inside a standard item storage locker. SCP-XXXX is currently contained at Site-15. SCP-XXXX may only be removed from its locker for the purpose of testing. Access is restricted to personnel with Level 2 3 clearance and above.

In the event of a scheduled experiment, SCP-XXXX is to be backed up on two separate tape drives and mounted in a dedicated personal computer equipped with legacy hardware necessary for SCP-XXXX to function standard Foundation office desktop hardware. Any networking hardware is to be removed except for the explicit purpose of testing SCP-XXXX's network capabilities under all circumstances. Research staff with Level 2 3 clearance and above are allowed to install software as necessary.

Any unauthorized copies of SCP-XXXX are to be destroyed immediately upon discovery.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a computer virus exhibiting behavior consistent with the Dark Avenger family1. SCP-XXXX is a resident file virus. If an infected file is executed, the virus will infect the COMMAND.COM file2, then place itself in memory and infect any .EXE and .COM executables being run or read from this point on.

SCP-XXXX contains a destructive procedure analogous to its non-anomalous counterparts. Every time the system clock indicates a full hour, SCP-XXXX replaces a single sector of the computer's hard disk with a meaningless string of ASCII characters, totalling 512 bytes. While the procedure itself is not anomalous, SCP-XXXX appears to be primarily targeting documents and data files. If none are present, the target sector is chosen at random.

SCP-XXXX appends itself at the end of infected files. Its contents are fully viewable and contain the following plain text strings:

Eddie lives… Somewhere in There!

Copy me… I wanna Travel!

The anomalous effects of SCP-XXXX manifest when an infected file is run on software and hardware incompatible with non-anomalous variants of Dark Avenger. SCP-XXXX will recognize and successfully infect key system files, then proceed to function as normal. Additionally, whenever external media are connected to the host computer, SCP-XXXX's infection procedure will prioritize files located on said media. Files infected under the anomalous circumstances specified above contain an additional plain text string:

Thank you… Don't stop Now!

Addendum XXXX-1: On 03/11/20██, the research team assigned to SCP-XXXX had set up what was believed to be an isolated LAN3, for the purpose of testing SCP-XXXX's behavior in a network environment. Due to gross negligence, one of the computers was still connected to the Site-15 intranet. Upon activation, SCP-XXXX breached containment, immediately manifesting hitherto undocumented worm-like capabilities and dispatching e-mails with infected attachments to numerous accounts of site personnel, leading to a widespread infection despite rapidly issued warnings from the on-site technical staff. The team leader was reprimanded and two junior researchers penalized by disciplinary reassignment. In the following days, containment procedures were reviewed and updated with additional restrictions.

All files infected during the containment breach include the following plain text string:

Thank you… I'm staying Here!

As of 20/11/20██, Site-15 is isolated from the central Foundation network and efforts to contain the infection are still ongoing. As antivirus software contemporary to Dark Avenger no longer works on modern hardware, and modern software has proven unreliable in detecting the anomalous variant, Foundation research staff was forced to develop their own solutions. The most recent attempt involves the creation of a self-propagating program targeted at identifying and erasing instances of SCP-XXP źćR HŹ'Ę'®  P„†$ö,3\ź?J.ŕ‰é‘:/ç2R`(Ď É“Ř ś†m©’»,Ë2ČĄ €ŚsŽgčüb‚" "ŔŔÁpP 0€"|†7ţzR$ˆŚ’Î'«‡
Xó×ĂÓđ gť™Óű‰čh~ô‘$>!?Oˆ ť‚,X‚€hQ š‡,Ë@ 1üAńŽ2ŕ$ ?@đ†°I @ŔB ŕ@ ŕ čU Ičˆha°š¦ (Ô ˇ‡ŐOÂ!äI¤ô„ř4üzßOĆŔ†ŕdü‡Ľbp źaĆŔ1±Ä e"Ël„žŚ%'Ŕ„Ć4Üda
8Š„~”ţ4ý¤ňü)ţcOÁIÄ„{gĹ„0˜u'âŚ,Y?}?%#Čăb˙~ł‘ňx ust call it a virus. We’ve written a virus to fight another virus and so far it's looking promising. The team is convinced we're finally in the clear, and about time. I'm sick of this thing overwriting my research notes.
-Dr. ██████