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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Access to the interior of SCP-XXXX is restricted to Foundation personnel only. The automatic opening doors for its northeast entrance have been replaced by a steel double door that can only be opened with use of a Foundation scan card and an assigned passcode. All Foundation personnel must enter and exit through the northeast entrance unless granted special permission to use the loading zone entrance in back. The loading zone's sliding door in the back has been replaced by a steel double door that can only be opened with use of a Foundation scan card and an assigned passcode. The automatic opening doors for the southeast entrance have been removed and the entrance sealed.

A 10m x 4m x 6.5m foyer has been constructed inside the northeast entrance. At least two Foundation security guards are stationed at the entrance to search and scan all who enter and exit. The foyer is separated from the rest of the building's interior by a wall extending from floor-to-ceiling. The wall is approximately 30 cm thick and insulated to be light proof and sound proof. At the opposite end of the foyer is a steel double door opening into the SCP-XXXX's interior. This door can only be opened with use of a Foundation scan card and an assigned passcode.

SCP-XXXX's front center window and the window by the southeast entrance are sealed up with bricks. The window by the northeast entrance remains but its glass is mirrored to block view from the outside. All windows on the sides and in the back of the building have been bricked up. Five security cameras monitor the entire exterior of SCP-XXXX and the parking lot.

The interior of SCP-XXXX behind the partition (i.e., the former public shopping area) is monitored by two security cameras for each side of the 12 aisles. The produce section, meat section, and bakery all have their own security cameras and there are six overhead security cameras approximately four meters above the floor. Video from all the security cameras feeds into monitors in what was formerly the employee break-room. The monitors are watched by Foundation personnel 24 hours a day working standard eight hour shifts.

SCP-XXXX is divided into four sections each of which is assigned to a Foundation employee who conducts floor inspections every four hours. They are to take note of new SCP-XXXX-A manifestations in their assigned section and report their findings to the Foundation daily.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a brick-and-masonry building located at █ in █ , █ USA. SCP-XXXX was formerly █ Supermarket, Store #█ from the time of its construction in 1951 until its closure by the company in 2005. A Foundation front company (Sentry Confidential Preservation) purchased SCP-XXXX, the land it is on, and the contents of the building that same year. It now operates under the guise of being an offsite storage service for business and professional records.

SCP-XXXX is approximately 2600 square meters in size and is surrounded by a loading zone in the back and an 85-vehicle parking lot on the other three sides. SCP-XXXX had public entrances in the front on the northeast and southeast ends of the building but special containment procedures have closed and sealed the southeast entrance and restricted regular access at the northeast entrance to Foundation personnel only.

The interior of the building behind the front partition wall mostly remains the same as it was when the store closed. There are six check-out stands, 12 aisles, a produce section, a meat section, and a bakery. (There was a video rental section in the front but it was removed for the foyer and partition wall.) There is a backroom behind the public shopping area that was used for product storage along with the managers' offices, the employee break-room, two restrooms, and a product loading zone. This area is now used by Foundation personnel for tasks related to the monitoring and examination of SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-A.

SCP-XXXX-A collectively refers to the anomalous brand name products located within the public shopping area. They encompass an extensive variety of grocery items and, as of █/ █/20█, number in the thousands. The brand name products, however, all have the following in common:

  1. They were at one time distributed and sold in the █ region of █ in the USA.
  2. Their companies discontinued their production, distribution, and sale.
  3. They later spontaneously materialized without explanation within SCP-XXXX's public shopping area.

Most of SCP-XXXX-A is made up of brand name products that were on the market during the period of SCP-XXXX's operation as a █ Supermarket. There are also many products that were introduced and/or discontinued after SCP-XXXX's closure and products that were discontinued years before SCP-XXXX's construction. The anomalous brand name products have the logos and package designs they had on the date their production was discontinued and materialize in the specific aisle and shelf designated for the type of product it was (e.g., discontinued brands of breakfast cereal appear in the cereal aisle).

The time period between when a manufacturer discontinues a product and when it manifests in SCP-XXXX varies but so far the minimum amount of time is five years. Products appear to be fresh or newly manufactured when they materialize and retain this state as long as they remain in SCP-XXXX and the surrounding property. Once removed from this area, however, perishable products will immediately decay, spoil, go stale, or become inert. Non-perishable products and those with longer shelf lives also age but remain edible or usable.

Consumption of edible SCP-XXXX-A products is not allowed unless the Foundation gives permission and certain precautions are taken:

  1. At least one Foundation scientist or medical professional is present during consumption to report on any unusual and/or ill effects; and,
  2. The person consuming the product remains in SCP-XXXX until full digestion of the food item occurs.

The brand name products that make up SCP-XXXX-A have all to a certain degree been prepared, processed, or manufactured. There have been no materializations of basic foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, flour, rice, corn meal, salt, sugar, eggs, milk, sour cream, plain yogurt, or cheese. However, brands of chocolate milk from defunct dairies and long-discontinued brands of flavored yogurt have appeared in the dairy aisle.

The quantity of each anomalous brand name product in SCP-XXXX varies between 12 and 48 items. If four or more items are removed from the shelf, replacements materialize within one hour. If a company re-introduces a discontinued brand name product back into the marketplace, that product will dematerialize and disappear from SCP-XXXX's shelves when the public announcement of the product's return is made.

Slow-motion review of the security videos taken of the anomalous product materializations has indicated the process occurs in approximately 30 milliseconds (i.e., about 1/10 the time it takes a person to blink). When viewed at progressively slower speeds, the products do not appear to be suddenly materializing (or "popping") out of nowhere but rather what can best be described as "bleeding". There are no accompanying phenomena when materialization occurs. Examination by the Foundation is continuing but, so far, there have been no discoveries about where the anomalous brand name products originate.

SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-A came to the attention of the Foundation through its contacts in the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with the unexplained manifestation of a discontinued brand name product that had been banned and classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. Since the Foundation's purchase of SCP-XXXX in 2005, there have been 23 other incidents of discontinued brand name products materializing that contained ingredients that were once legal but are now banned or strictly regulated by the U.S. government.