NE43 SCP: XXXX (3345)


Object class Safe

Special containment procedures:
Object should at all time be inside its' designated containment room and within that the padded safety deposit box. Temperature must be controlled between 20 to 30 degrees centigrade and environmental humidity of the room must be between 10-30%. Room lighting can be sync either to the outside, or use of an array of 12 watt orange LED bulbs placed in the ceiling turned to low power setting. Security cameras must view both the door to the chamber, inside the chamber, and down the hallway outside the chamber to monitor personnel and the object; security assigned to the object are stationed on site above the chamber with remote access to doors inside the chamber and the hallway doors leading towards the chamber.

Object must be handled only by selected level 2 personnel or higher clearances. If non-designated personnel has had contact with the object, personnel must be apprehended and forced to serve as class D personnel or be monitored for a period of 30-80 days to prevent containment breach. Regardless of disciplinary action, a mandatory 5 day lockdown must be placed down on containment in region and staff quarters, and summary 30 day observation period will be enforced. Any noncomplicit security or researchers will be sent to an offsite correctional facility where discipline will be enacted based upon how they non-complicit and discretion of correctional staff.

In containment has been breached, immediate lockdown and tracking of all on-site personnel commences to recover scp-XXXX (3345). If containment breach was caused by site wide failure, recovery of the object is imperative, but if conditions prove too hazardous for recovery, site wide containment becomes more important than recovery. All access points must be checked to stop non-designated recovery teams and personnel from escaping with object.

Description: Object is a small composite metal and wood compass dating its creation from sometime in the 15th century. Identified metals include silver, nickel, gold and iron; with wood components being a laminated red oak. A fain legible inscription on the faceplate of the compass rose reads in Latin, "In deo speramus quoniam tuta," or "In God we trust for safe voyage". It has been suggested that the compass belonged to Christopher Columbus, and gave way to the discovery of the Americas, although unproven, the speculation remains. A remaining mystery is why the compass rose is frozen at 43 degrees is unknown at this time, and may be due to age and damage sustained over its' existence.

Object was recovered in 1945, following the conclusion of the second world war however anomalous properties at the time were unknown. It was in the possession of {Redacted}, before being released back into the world in {Redacted}. Following a series of the same lottery winner across the united states, prompting an investigation by the IRS to find the cause of the improbabilities. SCP agents swiftly reacquired the compass in the summer of {Redacted} and has been at site 64 ever since.

Upon re-recovery, the anomalous property was discovered to partially bend reality around what ever desire the owner wished. Although pronounce in its control, users feel weakened after setting down the object and at the same time wanting to continue use. Attempts on other SCP's have proven ineffective, in the case of a trial using SCP-XXXX on a variety of Keter class subjects to no tangible returns. Continued Testing on Keter class subjects has been postponed until further notice.

Only one recorded breach has occurred in 1994, where Dr. {Redacted} was found trying to save his family from a car crash after conversing with (Find fortune teller scp number here), and failing when apprehended by SCP agents. Dr. {Redacted} as summarily been terminated from occupation.