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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No physical containment facilities are required, the statues themselves lack motile apparatuses. Instead, 3 noise cancelling mechanisms have been modified and attached to each “blade” just below the surface of the rock in which all three statues are embedded, covered to make each area immediately above a device appear to be seamless stone to passersby. Each mechanism automatically triggers upon commencement of any instance of SCP-XXXX’s activity, vibrating at a variable rate of 37-85 kHz combined with 74-140 dB sound pressure levels (SPL) as the situation warrants. Each mechanism can also be activated and deactivated remotely for testing (See Addenda STLXXXXNH-1, STLXXXXNH-2, STLXXXNH-3, and TILXXXXNH-1).

A Foundation agent has been stationed in Sola, Norway as a resident for maintenance of the mechanisms. The agent receives automatic notifications whenever an event is triggered and will journey to the site twice daily during said events to make sure the devices are functioning properly and no individuals have become affected. A wider ring of noise cancelling mechanisms have been organized and discreetly set in a circle 7 km in diameter to be manually activated for testing during events.

Description: SCP-XXXX is, collectively, three statues, 10M in height, resembling Viking Age swords that suddenly appeared in Norway at Hafrsfjord immediately following minor earthquakes in [REDACTED].

They exhibit no obviously preternatural elements, and are made of the same materials found in normal-sized swords excavated at [DATA EXPUNGED], composed of materials appropriate to specimens created during the Völkerwanderung. Foundation radiographers have discovered that, aside from size, all three statues are in fact embedded in the the bedrock. Foundation metallurgists have determined that the largest statue is nearly identical to ███████ █████ used in ████████-style swords first uncovered in [DATA EXPUNGED].

However, beyond being statues mounted in solid bedrock in a manner both instantaneous and escaping Foundation notice, SCP-XXXX also emits a vibrational anomaly once every █ months, at a range of ██-██ kHz and ██-██ dB SPL, lasting for 5 days. While these vibrations exist well above the auditory spectrum of even the most capable human ear, they have an effect on potentially anyone within 20 km. See Addendum DOCXXXXNH-1. Clearance Level 4 required.

SCP-XXXX was first brought to Foundation attention █ days after it first appeared, when large groups of both Norwegian natives from the towns of [REDACTED] and several tourists from the nations of [REDACTED]. Groups had formed in moderately-sized congregations and appeared to be practising rites of [DATA EXPUNGED] before [DATA EXPUNGED] areas. Local newscasters that arrived to cover the events also appeared to have fallen under the influence of SCP-XXXX within 5-7 minutes of penetrating the outer boundaries of the vibrational anomaly. Low-orbit, ultrasonicprojection-capable Foundation satellites were brought to bear over the site in Hafrsfjord when visual, auditory, and radiometric scanning proved useless in determining the source of the unsual actions of the people gathered around the statue. These satellites were able to determine the vibrations emanating from the statues and the extent of their range.

Foundation agents were able to get within the said boundaries after viewing initial news footage and noticing a young girl with headphones (later discovered to be ████-brand headphones with noise cancelling technology built into them) attempting to get the attention of her parents while they built [REDACTED] subsequently [REDACTED], stopping only to [DATA EXPUNGED].

The anomaly stopped after 5 days, after which Foundation agents were able to apply class-B amnestics to everyone within a ██ km radius and closed off the space around SCP-XXXX. Agent ███████ suggested noise cancellation as a means of containment, allowing the Foundation permanent access without a continuous expense in terms of material or personnel. To date, containment procedures have worked without adverse effect. See Addendum DOCXXXXNH-1 attached. Clearance Level 4 required. Low-yield subconscious memetics were introduced to global news outlets to implant the idea that artist ██████████ had created the statues as a commemorative art installation in ████ to further decrease the need for variables in containment.