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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: 
1. SCPXXXX and its encasing ice must be kept at a temperature conducive to maintaining at least 1km between the entity and the surface of the ice sheet. (See Addendum 1)

2. No team member with a religious upbringing based around the concept of sins punishable in the afterlife is to be allowed near Site 1 under any circumstances. Disobeying this order will result in termination.

3. No team member is allowed to approach Site 1 without the protective soundproof headgear designed specifically for interaction with SCPXXXX

4. No samples of SCPXXXX are to be removed from Site 1. 

5. Researchers studying samples of SCPXXXX are to be given a Class B amnestic and implanted with false memories. Each researcher must be limited to 2 visits maximum.


SCPXXXX measures somewhere between ███m3 and ███m3, and is entirely encased in ice. It was discovered on a flyover of the West Antarctic ice sheet while the Foundation was searching for instances of SCP████. Most of the entity appears to be a thick black liquid, with an almost spherical centre of unknown characteristics. Closer investigation of the centre proves quite difficult due to frequent equipment malfunction which is almost certainly caused by the entity.

Thermal imaging suggests massive fluctuations in heat throughout the centre of the entity, with the perimeter closest to the encasing ice remaining almost steady. Internal activity and temperatures seem to rise for a short period annually, roughly at around the same time of year. Investigations into these anomalies are ongoing.

Automated attempts to drill through the ice proved fruitless, as the computer-controlled machinery would cease to function ██m from contact with the centre of entity. Multiple attempts were necessary to place a human research team on the site in West Antartica due to the hazardous environment and failure of computer-aided equipment.

The first team successfully drilled through the ice sheet at the point closest to the perimeter (SCPXXXX Site 1). One person survived the operation. (See Interview 1)

The entity appears to react with the water in human bodies, using it as a catalyst for mutation of organic material. Only a tiny amount of the liquid separated from the main bulk is required for a subject to undergo vast transformation. There have been three types of transformations recorded thus far in humans.

Type 1

Addendum: Due to uncertainties arising from annual temperatures rising, a proposal was accepted to construct a new pump system to maintain the ice perimeter around SCPXXXX at 1km. Proposals to cut around the ice and transport SCPXXXX to a facility were deemed unfeasible. This project is to be completed by 20XX at the latest to avoid a possible K class event.

Interviewed: Subject XXXX

Interviewer: Researcher XXXX

Foreword: Extract of interview conducted after retrieval of Subject XXXX from Site 1

<Begin Log, 24/12/20XX, 2300h>

Interviewer: Look, nobody is blaming anyone. We just want to know what happened down there.

Subject XXXX: You don't understand, I heard it! It knows. It knows everything! (Patient is restrained from harming himself after becoming extremely agitated)
Interviewer: Let's try hypnosis.
Interviewer: REDACTED, can you hear me?
Subject XXXX: …Yes.
Interviewer: Tell me about what happened on Site 1.
Subject XXXX: It was black. All dark. Didn't see. Couldn't see. I didn't want to see.
Interviewer: What could you hear?
Subject XXXX: Bad things. Things I had done. Things the others had done. Things that you had done. (Sounds of a struggle, screaming, followed by a gunshot)
Interviewer: Was that… Was that what I think it was?
<End Log, 24/12/20XX, 2350h>

"Please, stop bothering me with your half backed theories on what this is, it's obviously linked to the annual pagan celebrations but I doubt it's dropping presents down anybody's chimney." - Dr. XXXX