Item #: SCP-3522
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3522 is to be contained in a room no larger than 90 ft2, with a bulletproof triple-pane 1/2 inch thick glass viewing window. SCP-3522's room is to be furnished with a small steel bed, with a simple foam mattress, a 1950s style Kit Kat Klock, an intercom wall speaker, a small table, one (1) wall outlet and a dreamcatcher. The Dreamcatcher is to be attached to the ceiling over the bed and must be "cleaned"1. Through the intercom, the playlist "Angsty Teenage Alt Circa 200█", recovered from SCP-3522's mobile device. SCP-3522 is to be monitored at all times. If at any time SCP-3522 is conscious, D-class personnel is to tranquilize SCP-3522 with any means necessary.

Description: SCP-3522 is a humanoid female, of rubenesque

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