Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in a bulletproof glass case under video surveillance in containment cell block ████. For the safety of personnel and containment, none of the materials compatible with SCP-XXXX should accompany personnel into SCP-XXXX's chamber. Object can be handled safely, albeit gently, without consequences.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a silver spoon approximately 15 millimeters in length. It consists of a beveled bowl and neck, with a widened handle. At the end of the handle is a design of a floral crest with a cursive capital letter “E”. The silver is polished and clean, with slight scratching on the tip.

SCP-XXXX is capable of scooping any solid or liquid material as per an ordinary spoon, but is also capable of scooping and maintaining hold of fire, concentrated air, and raw electricity. When SCP-XXXX's user scoops a certain material with the spoon, they are able to almost instantly will it to transform into another compatible material.

As of ████, SCP-XXXX has been shown to be compatible with the following materials: fire, liquid water, ice, snow, electricity, air, dirt, soil, and countless varieties of stone and crystal. If the spoon contains two or more different materials, it will only work if said materials are classified as the same “element” (i.e. ice, water and snow all being forms of water; dirt, stone, and crystal all being forms of earth). Combined elements (i.e. water with rocks) will yield no effect. Other materials that yield no effect include magma, metal, styrofoam, glass, gasoline, propane, plastic, and any organic materials such as paper, leaves, wood, skin, bone, blood, hair, nail, mucus, cloth, wool, fur, gelatin, flesh and meat, and vegetation. The reasons as to why are currently unknown, though it is assumed to be because most are combinations of the elements.

Microscopic analysis of materials within the spoon's bowl during transformation has revealed little about the process used for conversion. Tests have shown the material's atoms simply altering and morphing, gaining or losing the particles required for the new material with no regard for chemical or physical processes. Further analysis is ongoing.

SCP-XXXX and its note were recovered at an archeological dig outside of ███████, ████████. Carbon dating as well as SCP-XXXX's depth in the ground revealed it to be approximately ███ years old.

Addendum: Text recovered at dig ██

If you are reading this note, I have passed on to be with our Lord. As I have no one to mourn me, I
also have no one to pass this, my greatest discovery, on to. This spoon can scoop up and hold any of
the elements: fire, water, earth, air, and lightning. Once you have one, you can turn it into another
element of your choice. I have survived for years out in the wilderness by scooping the dirt from the
ground and willing it to become water, quenching my thirst. I have pulled the air from the breeze and
turned it into fire, so that I might not go cold. I have taken drops of morning dew and turned them
into sparking electricity, which I hurled at animal prey so they may fall and fill my stomach. Just
concentrate and let your willpower take over. The human mind is capable of so much; even the
manipulation of the elements themselves. Use it wisely, and discover the peace that I did.