Nestilana's Super Top Secret Sandbox Of Top Secret Agencies

Item #: SCP-2XXX-J

Object Class: Safe Keter It's Dead

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2XXX-J is to be kept at site ██ at cell ██. Any interaction must be approved by Class-3 personnel or higher. SCP-2XXX-J must be monitored via surveillance cameras at all times. You know what, screw it… Just end it's life. I can't stand that (REDACTED) You are welcome.

Description: SCP-2XXX-J use to be the most annoying little (REDACTED) I have ever known in my entire time working at this (REDACTED) facility. It constantly asks anyone near it how to become a higher (REDACTED) rank. It just never shuts up. In order to solve such problem, we (REDACTED) ended it's life. See the little things I created.

(Oh. and P.S, can someone tell me what Is wrong with the microwave? I put a hot pocket in it the other dday and It disappeared. It appeared on the beaches of Normandy so, we are good.)