Item #:SCP-2067

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-2067 is kept in a small reinforced tungsten room located at the bottom of the sea in a fire and explosive proof sphere. It is always on the move making it hard to track, placed tracking devices surround the sphere helping to locate it.

SCP-2067 is only checked on every week to see how far the sphere has traveled. SCP-2067 can never be checked up on close up only from a distance because SCP-2067 does not like visitors. The metal around the sphere is made not to rust and not to bend.

Description: SCP-2067 is a still active French 1973 AM39 Exocet anti-ship missile. SCP-2067 was intercepted orbiting outside of earths atmosphere at Mach 0.92. Measuring at 4.7 meters long and 670 kilograms. This missile combusts at over 4 degrees Celsius, if not kept under that that temperature the explosion can be devastating. If it is not cooled down in time the missile will combust multiple times.

If a ship ever comes close enough to it the missile will explode rapidly as if the missile wants to hit the ships. You can sometimes here the voices of the sailors that SCP-2067 had killed.

Addendum: SCP-2067 is dormant at the moment, sitting now at the bottom of the sea to kilometers away from Japan, said to be the cause of some major earthquakes. This missile has been seen to have shadowy figures surrounding the it. Also said to be the spirits of the French men and woman that fired at enemy ships. They might still be fighting to this day.

Incident Reports:

Incident Report A: SCP-2067 causes earth plates to shift such as 2011 Tohoku japan tsunami and earthquake, at a magnitude of 9.0 it destroyed many houses and took over 500 hundred lives making this SCP a Keter because of its massive destruction power.

Incident Report B: SCP-2067 has been responsible for the sinking of many cruise liners that come within range of it. Most ship captains are afraid to sail in the direction of SCP-2067 for the reason that they will also be sunk.

Incident Report C: Air lines that cross over It seem to loose connection and radio signal until they leave the area of SCP-2067. Some airplanes can hear the voices of the pilots that fired down on the ships, this has caused a few crashes and cases of insanity.