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Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is to be stored in a standard Class-I Inanimate-Object (C1-IO) type safe within Site-77's safe class storage area. No further testing has been deemed necessary, and as such, no attempt is to be made to open SCP-████ unless given direct permission from two (2) Level-3 on-site researcher personnel.

Description: SCP-████ is a circular biscuit tin measuring 21.5 x 21.5 x 8 cm. According to its labelling, the tin was originally used to store ███████ █████ brand fruitcake, but had since been used to contain various biscuits, according to its previous owner: Connor █████.

SCP-████'s anomalous effects occur if any sentient being attempts to open it, either directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously. Upon attempting to open SCP-████, the subject's brain will cease functioning, causing near instantaneous brain death. In this state, the subject is by all means dead, and will react to air and time accordingly. However, if the body is put within earshot of any form of music, it will reanimate. Despite the break-down of neural connections that occurs as expected in the rotting of a corpse, the reanimated corpse will still retain all the memories and cognitive abilities it had before opening SCP-████. Subjects retain no memory of of their death. Loss of major organs or limbs does not prevent reanimation from occurring (though the latter can cause discomfort and issues in movement for subjects) and the subjects can function as though they were alive despite vital areas of the body being absent. For example, if a subject is missing their heart, blood will continue to flow through the body by unknown means. However, if over 78.5%1 of the body is destroyed, this reanimation will not occur.

An apparent side effect of this reanimation is that the subject is only capable of displaying certain motor (and eventually autonomic) skills to the rhythm of the music they are within earshot of. The number of motor abilities affected by this only increases as time progresses (see Addendum I). Many subjects describe attempting to move their body out of rhythm similar to the effect of sleep paralysis, although others describe their body "tensing up" between the beats of the rhythm, preventing them from moving. fMRI2 scans have shown that the areas in the primary motor cortex associated with the areas of the body that subjects attempt to move do show activation upon attempt. The current theory is that the messages sent from the cortex to the skeletal system are lost somewhere in the peripheral nervous system. If the subject is brought out of earshot of any rhythm or music, or if the music stopped, they will again experience instantaneous brain death and continue to rot as expected, although they can be just as quickly re-revived with the introduction of more music. It should be noted that if a subject is killed after being revived and is therefore "alive", revival will not take place, even if more than 78.5% of the body remains.

Addendum I:
Timeline of average progression of motor controls under the influence of SCP-████'s effects.
Stage 1: 0-6 Days after reanimation.
Subjects cannot move any limb or perform certain basic motor skills without moving them to the rhythm of the music. This includes:

  • Arm Movement
  • Leg Movement
  • Neck Movement
  • Wrist Movement
  • Ankle Movement

Stage 2: 1-3 Weeks after reanimation.
Subjects, along with the symptoms of Stage 1, are incapable performing finer motor movements and smaller appendages out of rhythm. This includes:

  • Finger Movement
  • Toe Movement
  • Ear Movement (If applicable)
  • Eye Movement
  • Muscle Tensing/Relaxing
  • Facial Expression
  • Vibration of Vocal Cords
  • Jaw Movement
  • Swallowing
  • Tongue Movement

Stage 3: 3-5 Weeks after reanimation.
During this period, many of the subject's normally automatic bodily functions are now controlled manually as though they were motor abilities via unknown means. As with other motor skills, these new "motor skills" can not be activated out of rhythm. This includes:

  • Breathing
  • Bladder Control
  • Expulsion of Waste
  • Salivating
  • Blinking

Stage 4: 1-3 Months after reanimation.
Most subjects at this period experience heart failure (regardless of weather or not the heart was previously destroyed or rotted), most likely due to the heart being unable to beat out of rhythm or the subject being unable to manually control their heartbeat.

Addendum II:
Timeline of experiments involving SCP-████. All experiments were overseen by researcher Dr. Jonathan Williams.

Experiment #: EX-████-1
Date: 27/05/200█
Subject: D-████-01
Aim: To confirm SCP-████'s anomalous effects based on recovery accounts.
Method: D-████-1 instructed to open SCP-████ by removing the lid from the container.
Results: D-████-1 collapses upon attempting to open SCP-████ before he could use any significant force to remove SCP-████'s lid, confirmed terminated. SCP-████'s lid remained unmoved. Subject's corpse is introduced within earshot of music. Upon activation of the music, subject's corpse suddenly jolts, and acts as though he has woken up from REM sleep. Heartbeat confirmed. Movement consistent with the rhythm of the song being played, although subject does not seem to notice at the present time. When questioned, subject claims no memory of opening SCP-████ or of his own death. D-████-1 kept in standard humanoid containment cell for later testing. Cell is designed to continuously play the same music as to prevent subject from possible termination.

Experiment #: EX-████-1
Date: 28/05/200█
Subject: D-████-1
Aim: To confirm that a lack a music causes re-termination in SCP-████ affected subjects.
Method: Music playing inside of D-████-1's containment cell is halted, and then restarted.
Results: D-████-1 collapses as soon as the music is cut out. Confirmed terminated. Reactivation of music instantly reanimates subject. Subject shows extreme distress, and has to be calmed by two personnel. Subject spends remainder of the day showing signs of paranoia.

Experiment #: EX-████-2
Date:** 29/5/200█
Subject: D-████-2
Aim: To discover what termination while under the effects of SCP-████ results in.
Method: D-████-2 is exposed to SCP-████'s effects via instruction to open SCP-████. After exposure to music and successful reanimation, subject is terminated via gunshot to the head.
Results: D-████-2 does not reanimate despite exposure to constant music. Changing music, and changing music volume does not successfully reanimate subject's corpse.
Note: D-████-1 has discovered his motor restraints. He seems to be a combination of afraid and annoyed by this discovery.

Experiment #

Experiment #

MTF Xi-2 ("Concert Crashers")