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To Shepherd the Flesh

"They say our House is fallen - dragged down by the weight of ancestral sins. Father made every effort to redeem our bloodline, donating much of the family fortune to the Church. His charity made no difference as the townsfolk and clergy continued to curse our name.

No amount of coin could wash away generations of decadence, dishonor, and depravity.

When his bleeding heart nearly cost us everything, I had no choice but to kill him."

The Wound, cut from the flesh of totality - deep, it severed the line of future and past. Drawn to its ancient fester, gods swarmed as flies to a corpse. We waited within bloodless veins, faithful to that which we could not know - unable to imagine that we might become their greater.

Here, we slept - until our souls became flesh.
Sone Alku


The swineherd prostrated himself before the Sorcerer-King and asked, "Grand Karcist. I speak for the men of the cold-marsh. We fear the red lanterns that dance without harmony. A terrible omen."

And Ion did assure the man, "I have gazed upon the Faceless Ones, servitors of His Undulating Vastness. Their chief is blind - castrated by our words and will. He sings songs of anarchy but they will not come again. These terrible spirits do not deserve our love; render unto them no sacrifice until the stars have aligned."

And again the swineherd asked, "But are you not afraid?"

Ion smiled and, laying hands upon him, spoke unto his quester, "I too have felt the coil of dread, suffocating the cinder of my heart. But these are mysteries I must behold, less we again fall beneath her shadow. There are words that must be uttered."
Sone Vith

"Father was but a child when the townsfolk stormed the keep.

But grandfather was dead before they found him; too proud to allow them the satisfaction. >
Unable to satisfy their grotesque sense of 'justice', the mob directed their wrath upon his closest kin.

I never learned the details of his punishment; suffice it to say that this was the likely source for father's craven behavior.

Much as he sought to erase our history, father's fear and superstition rendered him incapable of finishing the job. Grandfather's private chambers remained untouched since his untimely demise.

Father dared not enter - as if trespass would doom his eternal soul.

Now that father feeds the worms, I shall reclaim our rightful legacy."


And Ion held six fingers aloft and upon their spears did the soldiers impale themselves. "For you!" they cried before the blood drowned their words. And Ion said, "Now do you see?" And Nadox wept, as more did skewer themselves in Ion's name, for he had seen and now knew the truth of his words.
Sone Suraas

"Despite my occasional foray in the occult, I was nevertheless ill prepared for what was found within."