New SCP-3124
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Item #: SCP-3124
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3124 is to be kept in a conservatory that is 50 square meters large guarded by no less than 3 armed security guards. Access to SCP-3124 is to be given to only personnel with Level-3 or higher clearance. If any foundation personnel is affected by SCP-3124 or SCP-3124-1, they are to be contained and observed for any changes in condition. If a subject eats SCP-3124-1, they will experience depression. This results in the subjects hiding in dark and empty places. Extensive observation has revealed that as the subject disappears/sinks into the ground. No matter how far the subject is the SCP-3124-1 will always appear in 5 minutes.

Description: SCP-3124 is a pear tree currently about 5 meters tall. SCP-3124 contains pears that are to be designated SCP-3124-1. SCP-3124 was found and contained by Theta-4 in █████, Spain. SCP-3124 has a series of 4 different and unique stages. These stages include SCP-3124-A, AKA Stage-A, AKA "The Reincarnation of the Forgotten". In this stage, the leaves of the tree fall off and disintegrated mid-air. The trunk and branches of the tree then turn to a dark grey or blackish color and if anyone interacts with the tree, they will immediately suffer from 1st-degree burns, and catch on fire, almost disappearing out of thin air, leaving only a pile of burnt clothes. Contact with SCP-3124-A must be approved by a Level 4 personnel, or Site Director+.