SCP-5939, the Lady from Mars By NewDogeOfPotatoes]

Object Class: Keter
Threat Level: White/Red
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-5939 is to be held at site-██ inside of a 15 foot by 15 foot Cell with a mattress when not being taken out of containment. SCP-5939 is only to be taken out of containment during holidays and when requested by Researcher [REDACTED] and her sister, [REDACTED]. Otherwise, 4 Security Department personnel of level 3 clearance or higher are to be positioned near or in SCP-5939's containment chamber between the hours of 5:00 AM and 8:00 PM. In the event of a breach of SCP-5939-2, the current caretakers are to suppress SCP-5939 with either firearms, electricity, or laceration. SCP-5939-1 is to be fed 3000-calorie meals 5 times a day consisting of mainly sugars and light amounts of proteins.

Description: SCP-5939-1 is a feminine Humanoid labeled by the foundation as "The Lady from Mars," due to where she originated from. SCP-5939-1 shows signs of Japanese and Korean inheritance, wearing a brightly colored dress with a short skirt, silk stockings, and a hairband with a Heart-Shaped Obsidian Crystal. More notable features include her shifting eye pupil shapes (Slitted, Swirl, Heart, etc) which correspond with her mood, and her pointed, almost snake-like fangs and teeth, however the bones are dull. When in contact, test subjects feel an urge to befriend SCP-5939-1, even if the subject previously disliked the anomaly, or was hateful towards Koreans or Japanese, unless in extreme cases, is trained around this, or if she lashes out. 5939-1 wields a staff which has the head of a star, and a heart cut out on the middle of the staff's head.
The abnormality can breach two scenarios, a White-class breach of SCP-5939-1, and a Red-class breach of SCP-5939-2.
SCP-5939-3 is a large structure at the planet Mars, which structure wise looks like Medveil Europe, however anomalies, advanced technology, and life been shown to be present.

SCP-5939 was recovered at [REDACTED], South Korea, when gunfire and noises which were later identified as roars were audible in a mineshaft. Upon foundation agents entering the area, 5939-1 was seen sobbing on the ground. Upon personell trying to come into contact with SCP-5939, She floated upwards approximately 8 feet in the air, had 13 crystal rods impaled into her chest followed by her staff, and transformed into SCP-5939-2, attacking the response team. No personnel were killed, and SCP-5939 was contained.

Upon the site is experiencing multiple breaches or a keter level breach, SCP-5939-1 breaks out of her containment, and immedietly starts recontainment of the said SCP or unwanted entity, unless if in a hysteric state, performing a hostile breach, or if she is in a carefree state. SCP-5939-1 typically uses her staff to slash through or fire bolts of energy shaped like stars at the breaching anomalous object, but also has been seen using SMG's, PDW's, and in some cases rifles and explosives when handed such. The entity can fire a brightly colored beam of energy, when in contact with unwanted entity causes large amounts of physical and mental damage and scarring, while upon being in contact with site personell or friendly subjects, heals them. When breaching in this form, it is required that people assist SCP-5939-1, and prevent her from turning into SCP-5939-2.

The entity transforms into a 6 feet high by 14 feet long serpent when left untended, poorly managed, or provoked, labelled SCP-5939-2. SCP-5939-2 is capable of firing light bright lasers, although not causing much damage, can cause long term damage or be fatal to the victim. Once suppressed, SCP-5939 is consumed by a flash of white light, followed by SCP-5939-1 on the ground, kneeling and sobbing, and in some cases, unconcious. SCP-5939 appears to target other SCP's, inflicting more damage to said anomalies than to a human being. After precisely 15 minutes after suppression, SCP-5939-1 often of times forgets the events that occured. At that period, Mobile Task Force Alpha-0 "Probation Officers" are to be deployed, transporting her to containment and proceed to either chain her to her bed and gag her, or simply interview her and leave if the Red-class breach resulted in no deaths.